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Is it possible to treat thrush at home?

Quite often there is an erroneous opinion thatThrush is a purely female disease. This is far from the case. Simply in women, the manifestation of this disease is much more common. However, it should be borne in mind that candidiasis (the medical name of the thrush) can manifest itself in both women and men. And even cases are known where this form of the fungus was manifested in children. I propose to consider this question and find out whether it is possible to treat thrush at home.

By itself, thrush (candidiasis) isfungal disease that affects the mucous membrane. Possible damage to the skin, mouth, nasopharynx and genitourinary system. The causes of this disease can be different. Starting from stress and frequent enough colds, ending with the use of contraceptives and promiscuous sexual intercourse. Thrush can also occur as a result of taking various kinds of antibiotics, or non-compliance with personal hygiene rules. It must be remembered that this, after all, is an infectious disease and an address to a doctor, when symptoms appear, it is simply necessary. However, not everyone wants to consult a doctor with such an intimate problem and try to cure thrush at home.

The main cause of thrush development can becall a decrease in immunity, while the multiplication of the fungus is activated. It is necessary to pay special attention to the number of relapses of the disease, if it resumes quite often, then the likely cause of this can be the presence of a more serious disease, which is extremely harmful to the body and significantly reduces immunity.

Given that with a similar disease, manyare embarrassed to go to the doctor (although this is a big mistake), there are a number of folk remedies with which you can treat thrush at home.

I want to note that treating thrush in the homeconditions is not easy. However, if you wish, this is possible. As a rule, infusions and decoctions of various plants are used, which can be used as baths, douches and rinses.

Very effective is the use of such herbslike nettle, juniper, chamomile, birch buds, celandine, etc. to make a decoction or infusion, just enough of any of the above herbs (1 tsp) to pour one glass of boiling water. Insist and use.

Adherents of traditional medicine argue thattreatment of thrush at home, it is easy to carry out with the help of tea tree oil. There are many recipes using this component. And these are recipes not only for external use, but also for oral administration. We give examples of some of them.

First, consider the options for syringing.

The easiest way is to dissolve in a glasscool boiled water tea tree oil (1 drop). You can also use tea tree oil in combination with baking soda. To do this, dilute a teaspoon of soda and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a glass of warm water. Then rinse with this solution.

When treating thrush at home, you can dilute 1 drop of oil in water (about 40 ml) and use this composition for oral administration, before eating.

One of the intravaginal methods of treatmentthrush, is a method using several types of oils at once. It is necessary to mix 5 drops of lavender and tea oils and add aloe oil (20 ml) and sea buckthorn oil (20 ml). Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Then find the glassware, preferably with a dark glass, and store the mixture in it. Before going to bed, moisten the cotton swab, which can be made by yourself, the product obtained and insert it for the night in the vagina.

In combination with folk recipes and medicines, it is important to remember that during treatment, it is necessary to adhere to a diet. It is advisable to exclude sugar, alcohol, yeast and dairy products.

And it is also important to remember the strictest rules of personal hygiene.

However, it is best, at the first manifestations of the disease immediately go to the doctor, and not to treat thrush at home.

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