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Consider how to care for the flower "female happiness" correctly

Spathiphyllum, or otherwise "female happiness", isone of the most beautiful, and at the same time unpretentious houseplants of the family Aroid. His native land is the humid forests of tropical America, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia. You can find out the flower by oval green leaves of rich color with a well-defined middle vein. The plant has no stem, and the leaves, growing from the soil, form a lush bunch.

how to care for a flower female happiness
Spathiphyllum blossoms beautifully, releasingnumerous inflorescences on a long stem. His flowers resemble a cob, framed by a white "veil". If this plant is to create optimal growth conditions, it will blossom abundantly almost all year round. In this article we will tell you how to take care of the flower "female happiness" correctly. According to the popular tradition, the blooming spathiphyllum will surely present its owner with happiness, love and prosperity.

How to care for a flower "female happiness": choose a place

This plant likes soft diffused light and does notcarries direct scorching sun rays. Therefore, you can install a pot with spathiphyllum on any window, but it is necessary to shade the plant with a curtain of a curtain. In principle, it can grow well in the penumbra, so you can put spathiphyllum in a small distance from the source of natural light, for example, near the southern window.

In the cold period of time, there is no need to protectshelter from the sun flowers "women's happiness." How to care for them in the winter? Do not place them next to the working radiators. Hot, arid air is not for spathiphyllum. On the contrary, it is necessary to moisten the air by constantly spraying the leaves from the atomizer or using a household humidifier. It is not recommended to expose the plant to drafts, and also to take out the pot on the balcony or veranda.

How to care for a flower "female happiness": temperature regime and features of watering

An important condition for rapid growth and developmentthe plant is to maintain in the room the proper climatic conditions. It is believed that 22 ° C is the most comfortable temperature for spathiphyllum. There may be some deviation from this mean value, the main thing is not to allow a significant cooling (below 15 ° C in winter and below 17 ° C in summer). Remember, the flower "female happiness" (photo it before you in the article) comes from the tropics, so the temperature below 10 ° C can kill the plant.

flowers female happiness how to care
Spathiphyllum loves regular and abundant watering,the soil in the pot must not dry completely. In the warm season, the land is moistened more often than in winter, and for this purpose only soft, non-cold, settled water is used. During flowering, do not allow drops of water to enter the inflorescence. In addition to watering, the plant needs to be sprayed, and the more often - the better. Also periodically the spathiphyllum leaves need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth, cleaning them from dust and contaminants.

flowers female happiness photo
How to care for a flower "female happiness": feeding, transplant and reproduction

In order for the plant to flourish abundantly and abundantly,it is desirable to carry out regular fertilizing. It is produced once a week, using in turn mineral and organic fertilizers. They are made only after a plentiful moistening of the entire earthy coma. In winter, the plant is fed less often (1 time in 3 weeks).

Transplanted "female happiness" once a year forspring. A new landing capacity is selected with a slightly larger diameter than the previous one. The soil mixture is prepared from river sand, peat, humus, turf and deciduous land in equal parts. At the bottom of the pot must lay clay or rubble.

If you observe these simple agrotechnical rules, your flower "female happiness" will necessarily be strong, healthy and beautiful.

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