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How to grow tomatoes on the balcony?

Many of us dream of growing vegetablesyourself. This is largely due to the fact that when buying vegetables in the bazaar, we can not be sure of how they were grown and what chemicals they used at the same time. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to plant vegetables on the plot or dacha. Many have adapted a balcony to grow the necessary crops. It is best to grow tomatoes on the balcony. If, of course, you have such an opportunity.

Before planting tomatoes on the balcony, it is necessary to prepare it, warm it. Since the cold rises from below, you can cover the floor with a laminate.

Then you need to take special boxes, you canwooden. The bottom and walls of these containers are best covered with polyethylene film. Tomatoes on the balcony need to be planted in a specially prepared mixture: to do this, in a voluminous tank should mix peat, soil (3 buckets) and about a kilogram of dolomite flour. Together with the soil in the box where you are going to grow balcony tomatoes, you need to add superphosphate (about 130-150 g for the indicated amount of soil mixture).

Before this, in early March, seeds should be sownon the seedlings and hold the seedlings in the room until they get stronger. In principle, planting time for seedlings starts from February and ends in April: depending on when you want to harvest. Before the seeds are planted directly on the seedlings, they must be soaked in hot water (no more than 45 degrees) and left in it for the night. It is best to pour the water into the thermos, then to dip the seeds into it directly in the pouches.

Not everyone knows that after you have postedseeds in the necessary seedlings for the seedling, you need to put them in the refrigerator for two or three days. This must be done only when tomatoes grow on an open balcony. This procedure is called quenching.

It is necessary to wait, when at seedlings will appearleaflets. Then the plants need to be carefully removed from the soil and moved to a plastic container, dividing them one at a time and burying them almost to the cotyledonous leaves. At this stage of plant development, watering should be done in the same way as before: do not fill, but do not allow drought. As a rule, all seedlings, including tomatoes, are watered early in the morning or in the evening. The most favorable temperature of growing seedlings - plus 19-21 degrees. At night - not less than plus 10.

When the seedlings reach about a monthage, it can be transplanted to a permanent place. However, this is not always the case: as a rule, such information is contained on packages with seeds. If the dates are not specified, we are guided by the number of roots: as soon as they completely fill the plastic cup, you can begin the transplant.

Tomatoes on the balcony after landing in the ground shouldto be fed approximately every 10 days. But the first fertilizing takes place after about 20-30 days using complex fertilizer. Watering plants is necessary, based on the degree of drying of the soil: once the top layer is well dried, you need to water so that the soil is soaked with a liquid cavity.

Remember that you need to protect tomatoes frombalcony from late blight, which most often affects their fruits. The main symptom of the disease is the appearance of brown spots, which are usually visible either on leaves or on the fruits themselves. If you see such symptoms, you need to immediately remove the plant, and put its fruits under hot water for about 1-2 minutes. Then they should be placed in a warm place, so that they are finally ripe.

Remember that in order to cooksalad or canned vegetables that do not contain nitrates and are grown with your own hands, you do not need to have a cottage or plot. It is enough simply to correctly adapt the place of your dwelling to the sowing of certain vegetables. Then your efforts will not be wasted!

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