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Smokehouse homemade - quickly and easily

Most people who eat meat, especially like it in the form of various smoked products. But buying smoked products in the store is quite expensive, so to solve this issue it is necessary smokehouse homemade. At home, you can make such a smokehouse from improvised materials. This can be useful as an old metal barrel, and an old refrigerator, you can make it from brick or metal, there are many options.

How to make a smokehouse from the refrigerator

The most simple and universal way -making a smokehouse from an old, unnecessary refrigerator. You will need a case of an old refrigerator, a metal pipe with a diameter of 15 to 20 centimeters and a length of about 4 meters, 20 pieces of bricks and a large lid from the pan.

Smokehouse homemade does not have to haveA furnace made of bricks can be used for this purpose any size box suitable for the size, for example a tank from an old washing machine or something else. The furnace itself is made below the ground level and only its cover remains on the surface.

The furnace of this smokehouse is connected with smokingcabinet with a metal pipe, its length should be about 4 meters. But if you do not have such a pipe, it can be replaced with a chimney made of bricks. Smokehouse homemade will not spoil the appearance of your garden or other place where you plan to equip it, since both the furnace and the pipe will be underground. Also, this method of building a smokehouse allows for cold smoking, since gases, passing a certain distance under the ground, will be slightly cooled.

The pipe should be at a small angle, it connects to the refrigerator in the place where it was previously its unit.

Thus, the fact that you have a homemade smokehouse in the courtyard will be indicated only by the presence of a refrigerator that does not spoil the appearance of your yard or garden.

To start the process of smoking you will needremove the cover from the combustion chamber and fully open the refrigerator door. After that, you build a fire in the combustion chamber before the appearance of coals and already on them you throw chips of fruit trees. Then close the lid and the smoking process can begin.

All the products that you want to smoke, you needjust put on the shelves in the fridge. There is no need to worry about the fact that there are seals and plastic parts in it, since during the cold smoking process the temperature of the smoke is not sufficient to damage them. Also, there is no need to make a hole for the exit of smoke, there are leaks in the refrigerator, and the smoke itself will find a way out.

From brick smokehouse with their own hands

If you do not have an unnecessary refrigerator, thenAs a smoke chamber you can use a camera built of bricks. If you make such a camera, then be sure that it will serve you for several decades. In a brick-built chamber, you can mount a grill for the location of meat, or you can provide a place for hooks, which will be put on meat. Such a chamber should be sealed and covered with a lid, so that the smoke does not come out right away.

If you want to build a smokehouse for hotsmoking, then in this case there is no need to place the firebox and the smoking cabinet far apart. For such smokers, a metal box is best suited, which can be tightly closed. As such a smokehouse can be everything, from a bucket to a 200 liter barrel. Simply they must be tightly closed and on heating should not emit harmful substances. At the bottom of such a smokehouse smoldering wood, and at the top are products that are smoked. Due to the fact that air access is minimal, no burning occurs and smoked meat is being cooked. The temperature in such smokers reaches 120 degrees. Hot smoked products have significantly shorter shelf life than cold smoked products.

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