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The correct connection of the washing machine to the sewer

Since without a washing machine it is difficult to imaginelife of any modern person, people often have questions, just related to its exploitation. In particular, not everyone knows how to connect the washing machine to the sewer.

connection of the washing machine to the sewage system
But this may depend not only on the duration of its service, but also on the possible waste associated with the flooding of neighbors!

Read instruction

To better understand all technologicalrequirements for the process, be sure to read the instructions that came with your equipment. Note that the connection of the washing machine to the sewage system must be carried out only according to the rules. General requirements for connection you will find in our article.

Looking for a place

Normal operation of the equipment will be strongis difficult if you do not put your car in the right place. By this we mean the position from which the drain hose will be easy to reach to the sink, bath or shower.

But ideally, connecting the washing machine to theThe sewage system should provide for its separate conclusion. So remember that in the optimal case, a separate drain pipe could be connected to the machine.

Alternative Places

connection scheme of the washing machine electric motor
It can often happen that in the bathroomthere simply is not room for such a volume. In this case, it is appropriate to put the car in the kitchen or even in the hallway. But in the latter case, you obviously have to use an extension hose, and this is not always permissible.

And the very connection of the washing machine with your own hands seldom assumes that you will have to hollow the wall in order to remove the hose through it.

Mounting Features

As a rule, cheap models do not have an inverseA valve that prevents spontaneous discharge of collected water from the reservoir. In this case, the manufacturer immediately warns that the drain hose must be slightly raised. As a rule, this height can not exceed half a meter.

Bending it should be as smooth as possible,because otherwise the pump has too much load, because of what it can easily fail. This connection of the washing machine to the sewage system is fraught with the fact that the power consumption will increase dramatically.

connection of a washing machine with your own hands
We have already said that, in the optimal caseThe connection must be made directly to the drainage pipe of the sewage system. To do it professionally, get a splitter in a specialized store. To prevent water from seeping out, a rubber seal is provided there.

With regard to power from the network. Any normal manufacturer in the manual will write that the connection diagram of the electric motor of the washing machine must necessarily provide grounding.

It is very desirable to feed the machineseparate cable from the shield. It does not hurt to protect it with an automatic device, since the peculiarities of the behavior of electrons on the expanses of domestic power networks rarely yield to a logical justification ...

The grounding wire must always be carefully insulated under all conditions, since otherwise very unpleasant events are possible.

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