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To the lovers of berries on a note: strawberries garden - diseases and pests, technology of courtship and cultivation

Strawberries are a wonderful berry, delicious, beautiful andvery useful. In it, vitamin C is only slightly less than in the currant, and it is desirable in unlimited quantities. In addition to fresh, great strawberries in jams and jams, compotes and other preserves. However, in order to grow it on your personal plot, you need to work hard.

To grow the berry

Let's talk about how to care for strawberry strawberries. If you already have beds, then in the spring, be sure to release them from the fallen old tree fallen and fallen under snow. Near young bushes work only with your hands. And the old can be cleaned and with the help of a rake - their root system is better attached to the soil. Then, treat the earth with a special compound so that the weevil does not grow. After all, it is very delicate and whimsical - strawberry strawberry, diseases and pests and stick to it, and the weevil beetle is one of the first enemies. Then you should fertilize the soil with a mixture of humus and manure, sprinkle it lightly on the beds. Such top dressing will strengthen the plants before flowering and fruiting, give them the necessary strength, and you - a delicious and plentiful harvest. In the early period of growth and flowering, at the beginning of aging, the soil around the fruit bushes is recommended to be regularly moistened and ground to prevent it from hardening and straying into clods. It is on soft, moist soil that garden strawberry grows best. Diseases and pests begin to amaze her with improper care, excessively wet lands. And the roots themselves quickly rot and die. The planting site should be changed every 3-5 years. Then the harvest will be greater, and the berries are larger.

Struggle for harvest

Now, in more detail about what can be struck strawberry garden, diseases and pests which are most dangerous for her.

strawberry garden diseases and pests
Brown spot on leaves. This fungal disease, most oftena damaging plant. Gardeners have cultivated varieties that are more resistant to it, and it is better to plant them on their beds. These include Festival, Ray, Vysennaya, Dawn, Bohemia and others. And as a struggle and prevention is necessary in the autumn, before you hide the beds for the winter, spray the bushes with Bordeaux liquid (4%) or with 3% copper sulfate. After a couple of days, remove the old leaves and clean the soil. In early spring, repeat the procedure.

strawberry garden disease pictures
The easiest infection is a weakened strawberrygarden. Diseases and pests affect both roots, and stems with leaves, and fruits. For example, leaf nematodes curl, berries grow small, also irregular in shape. When a damaged plant is found, they are immediately excavated and burned. And for prophylaxis, the seedlings are immersed for 10 minutes. in hot (50 degrees) water, then cooled and planted in the ground.
how to care for strawberry garden

As the outward appearance of wild strawberry disease,photos show. For example, with a strawberry mite, the leaves become pale, they wilt, twist and dry. The berries grow crooked, in specks. To prevent the appearance of a pest, beds are sprinkled with infusion of onions, yarrow or garlic. A good help is colloidal sulfur in a solution of 100: 10 (100 g of sulfur per 10 liters of liquid).

strawberry dog
On weevils it was already said: bugs eat the juices of plants, make eggs in buds. Get rid of them will help the needles, which should be crushed and covered with beds. Not tolerating the coniferous spirit, the insect will run away from the fragrant bushes and will not return soon.

Here such simple ways of leaving, choose the most suitable for you, and the strawberry garden will please you with a tasty, useful, refreshing berry!

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