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Modern kitchen: history of origin and features

Kitchen is not only a place to eat food, but alsothe real "heart" of every apartment and house. After all, from how attractive it will look, will depend on the overall design of all rooms and, of course, the positive impression of the guests. Therefore, each owner wants to make this room not only convenient, but also beautiful. Today we will consider such a modern version of a combination of attractiveness and functionality, like the modern kitchen.

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In this style, not only largerooms, but also those in which each square centimeter, as they say, is worth its weight in gold. The modern kitchen fits perfectly into any living space, and this is its main trump card. Of course, this style is not cheap, but its cost is much lower than, for example, classical options.

History of occurrence

In translation from English, "modern" is translated,as something modern. But what we see now in furniture stores is very different from the image that existed in the 19th century (and it was during this period that this style gained immense popularity in many countries of the world). At that time the main criterion of the Art Nouveau style was the following: no building should look like any other. In this architectural solution, the main task was to make the interior beautiful and comfortable.

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It should be noted that this is the goalthe main feature of modern rooms. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, this direction was applied not only in Europe, but even in the USA, and in every country the modern kitchen had its own peculiarities. So, in Germany this style was distinguished by its strict geometric lines, and in America its main goal was to completely merge with the environment. In Russia, this interior impressed with its elegance and elegance.

Corner modernist kitchens in the 21st century

For today, this style easily acceptsvarious technical innovations, furniture can be made entirely from different materials. The concept of this interior is now vastly wide and blurry, that it can be safely attributed to any classic style, made in an extraordinary form.

cuisine of modern nouveau
For example, the modernist style Italian kitchens now havealmost space design. He emphasizes the whole modernity of our world. In general, today's modern kitchen is a combination of new design solutions and materials that remind us a little of the distant history, where the main criteria were beauty and convenience.


As already mentioned above, this style canto combine absolutely any materials. And the cuisine here is no exception. Recently, the floor made of ceramic tile and linoleum has gained a lot of popularity. A little bit more common in such interiors is a natural tree. As for the walls, they can also be decorated with tiles. No less common option - waterproof wallpaper. The ceiling in such kitchen can be both hinged, and usual with decorative stucco or whitewashing.

As you can see, Art Nouveau is a combination of different materials, which ultimately give the room modernity and comfort.

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