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Geranium fragrant - this is not a grade of geranium

Geranium fragrant - the generalized name of plants,related to the family of geranium, when rubbing the leaves of which a characteristic smell spreads. Aromatic substance is released from the special glands located at the base of the hairs on the surface of the leaves. To this group of plants can be attributed some varieties of geranium and pelargonium.

strangled geranium
Many flower lovers mistakenly believe that twothe names refer to the same plant. In fact, they are close relatives, characterized by frost resistance. But both are very useful and decorative.

The name geranium comes from the Greek word"Crane", as with the ripening of seeds, the base of the seed box narrows and is associated with the crane's beak. By the way, when drying the box bursts, and the seeds are scattered. And in pelargonium (the word comes from the Greek "stork") there is never any seeding.

Geranium fragrant can grow in the house, on the balcony, in thegarden. When landing on the site it is better to place along the tracks - so a pleasant aroma will float across the territory. In addition, it is in sight, it is convenient to cut it, so as not to lose decorativeness. The plant prefers sunny places, infrequent, but sufficient watering, fertile soil, periodic top dressing and regular removal of discolored inflorescences. Blossoms are so bright and abundant that geranium fragrant is visible from afar. The photo shows it well.

geranium fragrant properties
This group of plants multiplies by seeds,cuttings and bush division. Seeds are best planted in February. If you want, you can plant the seedlings in pots and leave them in the room, or you can put them on the flower bed.

If you can get a cut, thenbreak it off with 5 leaves. Remove the bottom two and put the shank in the water until the roots appear. You can immediately root in the ground, in this case it is desirable to lower the lower cut of the cuttings into "Kornevin" or put it into a solution of heteroauxin for a couple of hours. Root formation occurs more quickly in a bright place. From an adult bush, you can painlessly cut up to 15 cuttings - the mother plant it will do good.

It has long been used in cooking, perfumery,medicine geranium fragrant. The properties of the leaves secrete essential oils are used in the preparation of beverages, candies, pies. You can, for example, flavor sugar. For this, sugar is interbedded with leaves and left in the light for two weeks, and then leaves are removed from it. If you put the leaf in a jar of jam, mold will not form.

geranium stifled photo
In aromatherapy, geranium fragrant is widely used as a soothing and improving mood, which removes the headache of the remedy.

In cosmetology, geranium oil is included in the compositionmixtures and creams for the care of aging skin, with acne, for sensitive and irritated skin. It normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, restores the elasticity of the skin, reduces scars, moisturizes, and also helps to reduce cellulite.

Traditional medicine treats herpes on the lips, frostbite and burns with juice squeezed from the leaves. Decoctions and infusions strengthen the roots of hair.

It is worth making friends with this group of plants. Geranium fragrant is not only decorative and useful, but also harmful insects from the house will scare away, and air in the room will be disinfected.

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