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Blueberry garden - tasty and useful

Blueberry Garden is not only delicious andbeautiful berry, she is also a medicinal plant. The presence of antioxidants in the plant makes it possible to prevent the appearance of cancer cells. The use of berries of this plant helps to regulate metabolism, greatly improves vision, and also strengthens blood vessels. Blueberry garden is recommended for people with diabetes, allergies, dried berries are used to treat dysentery.

The main conditions that are necessary for the full growth of this plant are: a lot of sun, the presence of acidic soil, frequent watering and moderate fertilizing.

Many people believe that if blueberries are in naturegrows in the forest, then does not like the sun, it's not at all. For good fruiting blueberries, the garden should be planted in well-refreshed areas that are protected from wind.

Blueberry Garden Care

Planting of this plant should be carried out inMay. For each plant a fairly large pit is required, about 60 cm in diameter. To prevent uncontrolled growth of blueberries, it is necessary to lay out its walls with some material, for example, tin or film. The mixture should consist of sand, peat and sawdust. Do not use fresh manure, as it affects plants, for this purpose, only good humus should be used. To create drainage, the pits are spread with a stone or a broken brick, after the planting, an abundant watering of the soil is carried out, and then it is mulched.

Blueberry garden is a self-fertilizing plant,but for abundant fruiting it is necessary to plant several varieties alongside. When planting between bushes should be a distance of one to two meters. If you decide to use blueberries as an ornamental plant, the distance between shrubs can be reduced to 50-60 cm. Such planting involves more frequent cutting of branches so as not to let them intertwine. If you do not timely trim, the growth of the plant will decrease significantly and the berries will be acidic, and also very small.

To get a powerful and healthy plant inthe first two years it is better to remove the fruit buds. Optimum, that the fruiting began for 3-4 years, but not later than the sixth year. Circumcision of the plant should be carried out in the spring, but it is worth remembering that the fruits appear only on last year's shoots. When cutting already fruit-bearing plants, it is best to leave four young shoots and four fruit-bearing ones.

It is necessary to carry out top dressing of a plant in the spring,right after bud blossoming. To do this, use a mixture of superphosphate, ammonium sulfate and potassium sulfate in a ratio of 1: 1: 0.25. To increase the acidity of the soil, it is recommended to periodically water the plant with milk whey.

Does not like the plant abundant watering, he mustbe frequent but moderate. For reproduction, blueberries are used both cuttings and bush division, can be propagated by seeds and layers. It is necessary to know that when multiplying by seeds, the characteristics of the mother's bush are partially lost, but in this way new varieties are obtained. To get the seeds, you need the largest and ripe berries to withstand up to 3 months in the refrigerator. After this, the seeds are germinated on a wet substrate or on filter paper, the temperature should be about 23 ° C and there must be access to light. In a week there will be small shoots, which are planted in greenhouses and already vein obtained seedlings are transferred to the open ground.

Blueberry garden - varieties

Currently, a large number ofvarious varieties of this plant. All of them have a fairly high winter hardiness and almost painlessly endure our winters. Among the highest grades, the most popular are Northtourtri, Patriot, Weymouth, Blyuette, Northland. Medium in height varieties: Bluegrass, Berkeley, Rankokas, Puru, Elliott, Bluejack, Jersey, Duke, Herbert. Among the low varieties of popularity have won such varieties as "Erliblu", "Sunrise", "Coville", "Blyukrop."

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