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Self-installing the air conditioner is easy!

You want to install air conditioning, but you do not know how to do this? You should read this article so that the independent installation of the air conditioner does not bother you.

If the air conditioner is not installed correctly, it will beand you will not receive the expected result. It is best to hire professionals for this. In any case, it is better to read the instructions for self-installation to monitor their work, if you do not do it yourself. That is why we will continue the instruction-training "independent installation of the air conditioner".

self-installing air conditioner

First, you need to select the correct mounting locations.

You bought an air conditioner. What next? Pay attention to the fact that your house has an internal and external blocks of the system. Accordingly, it is necessary to decide where the indoor unit will be installed, and in what - the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit should be installed in a place that is convenient for maintenance. For the indoor unit, it is better to choose a place from which the vented air will be distributed to all other rooms, and not just in the one where the air conditioner is installed. You're not going to install an air conditioner in every room?

It should also be said about communicationscalled the route). The track is quite expensive, so try to install the air conditioner units as close as possible to each other, and not on different sides of the wall, so that you need as little as possible of the route.

Self-installation of air conditioner

After you have decided on the place wherethe air conditioner units will be installed, drill a hole in the wall. A hole is needed for the route that will connect the outdoor and indoor units. Before drilling the wall, pay attention to the area under your wall from the side of the street. God forbid, a piece of concrete will fall on someone's head or someone's car, for example.

The installation of air conditioners on their own is a responsible step, the possible consequences of which you must reasonably assess.

installing the air conditioner yourself

So, you need to fix on the insidewall plate on which will be attached air conditioning. This plate is sold as an accessory to the air conditioner. The mounting plate should be fixed to the level, this is a very important point, because the further operation of the air conditioner will depend on the smooth installation. In no case be guided by the ceiling, it often happens uneven. Lean solely on the level reading.

Next, calculate the length of the route, and add to it 25 or 30 centimeters. It's time to connect the electricians. Be sure to investigate the instructions and the wiring diagram.

Make a drain hose designed fordrain the accumulated condensate from the indoor unit, and seal the joint tightly. Next, prepare the copper tubes. They need to be cut, processed with a rim and rolled. Wrap the tubes for thermal insulation, and then attach them to the indoor unit. Collect all the plums, pipes and wires in the track, which should be wrapped with tape, and then take to the street. Install the inside of the air conditioner on the plate. We pass to the external block. Fit the brackets on the outside of the wall. They put the air conditioner unit. Now you have to plug in everything, connect and evacuate. After that, you can run the working gas into the system, hide the track in a special box. The air conditioner has been installed independently. You can check the unit for operation.

installation of air conditioners independently

Installing the air conditioner yourself is not a very simple matter. Weigh your forces and think carefully before you give up the help of specialists.

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