/ Processing grape in autumn with iron sulfate. How does the processing of grapes fall from diseases in the fall?

Processing of grapes in the fall with iron vitriol. How does the processing of grapes fall from diseases in the fall?

Each horticulturist engaged in breedinggrapes, knows that you can get a good harvest only from a healthy bush. It requires regular care, which includes not only spraying with fertilizers in the early spring, but also processing the plant in autumn with iron sulfate, as well as cutting and sheltering branches.

Why treat grapes before hibernation

Grape processing in autumn with ferrous vitriol

Over the summer, a largenumber of different diseases. Autumn processing of grape bushes from pests and diseases prepares them for the winter period. If this is not done, it will be difficult to cure a weakened plant in the spring. Because of the parasites, the leaves of the vines will die, which will have a bad effect on the future crop and can lead to the death of the entire bush.

Spring treatment helps the plant all summerfeel good and bear fruit. But it is worth remembering that in the winter the grape bush is even more in need of useful substances and vitamins to survive the cold period and accumulate reserves of strength by spring.

How is the processing of grapes in autumn from diseases

how does the processing of grapes fall from disease in autumn

To rid the bush of grapes from diseases andsmall parasites, spray the surface of each vine. A solution for this can be prepared from different preparations, but more often gardeners use vitriol. Copper and iron vitriol do an excellent job of decontaminating branches, kill fungus and mold, and also have acaricidal action (they kill ticks and other harmful insects).

Some spray the grape bush with a solutionsolar oil. A half liter of solar oil is mixed in 10 liters of water, then this mixture is treated with branches. Do this after all the leaves have fallen off, so that burns do not appear.

Grape processing with ferrous vitriol

Iron vitriol - microfertilizer, which is widely used for the treatment of fruit trees. It consists of granular crystals of green color, for which it is often called green vitriol.

iron sulfate microfertilizer

Begin processing of the bush you canimmediately after losing the leaves. A bucket of water of 15 liters is taken 0.5 kg of iron sulfate. It is necessary to dissolve until the granules completely dissolve, after which you can start spraying. Despite the fact that the substance is characterized by a rapid oxidation reaction and is considered harmless to the human body, it is recommended nevertheless to wear gloves and protect the respiratory organs.

If your garden is no longer young, the processing of grapesin the fall with iron sulfate is very important. The solution perfectly fights with lichens, cytosporosa, moss, black cancers and scab, and also relieves branches from harmful insects and larvae. To destroy various types of fungi, iron vitriol is added to the whitewash, which covers the bushes.

Spraying with iron sulfate eliminates the deficitgland. Regular processing, carried out in autumn and spring, allows the bark to become more elastic, and the leaves - larger. As a result, more new shoots grow, which leads to an increase in the number of fruits. Berries grow larger and get a healthy look.

It is worth noting that iron sulfate should not be mixed with slaked lime. Such solutions are prepared, as a rule, using copper sulfate.

Copper Sulfate for Spraying the Garden

Copper sulfate is called copper sulfate,consisting of crystalline formations of light blue color. It is used for canning and top dressing of trees. Excellent fights against all kinds of parasites and diseases.

copper and iron cupros

Grape processing in autumn with ferrous vitriolIt is held from the second half of October, when the leaf fall is coming to an end. Approximately 0.1 kg of copper sulfate is diluted in 10 liters of water and stirred until the granules dissolve. After that, the mixture is sprayed all over the bush. On one plant, an average of about 2 liters of solution. Work should be in gloves, gauze bandage, glasses and waterproof clothes.

Destroy the grape aphid and various fungala Bordeaux liquid that can be bought in the form of a powder or prepared independently. Make a mixture of freshly smoked lime, copper sulfate and water. It is important to observe the necessary proportions in order not to cause damage to the plant. Apply this solution in the same way as iron and copper vitriol - for processing grapes in the autumn or spring periods.

Preparation of Bordeaux liquid

In horticulture used 1% or 3% solutionBordeaux mixture. For a 1% solution, take 0.1 kg of copper sulfate, 0.1 kg of slaked lime and 10 liters of water. It is desirable to use rainwater. Kuporos and lime are bred separately from each other. After that, the solution of vitriol should be poured into liquid lime with a thin stream and mixed. In order not to burn the bush, you should check the resulting mixture by dipping an iron object into it. It should not have a red coating. If it appears, add more lime.

The technology of preparation of 3% Bordeaux liquid is identical to the first two. Only for the same amount of water you need to take 0.4 kg of slaked lime and 0.3 kg of copper sulfate.

When to start the autumn processing of grapes

iron and copper vitriol for processing grapes

Classical processing of grapes in the autumn is doneafter the last harvest of berries. It is combined with circumcision and sheltering branches. A young vine is not suitable for wintering, so all non-mature branches must be removed. They will still die during frosts, causing enormous damage to the plant, consuming nutrients.

In addition, fresh shoots are more susceptiblediseases that can be transmitted to the entire bush during the winter shelter. Circumcision of young branches is a very important stage in preparing the plant for wintering, after which the processing of grapes in the fall begins with iron vitriol.

Circumcision of grapes before shelter

autumn treatment of vine bushes from pests and diseases

Remove fresh shoots of grape bushfollows a little time after the last harvest. If you immediately cut off new branches, the plant can weaken and lose a significant portion of the nutrients that were used to develop the young vine.

It is best to trim with the arrival of the first cold or immediately after losing leaves. During this period, all useful substances begin to assemble in the root system, which guarantees their safety.

Removing young shoots, it is worth carefullytake a closer look at the rest. Processing of grapes in autumn with iron vitriol should be carried out after cutting all branches that are not sent for wintering. They also include those vines on which there are any type of disease.

If the treatment of the bush is given due attention and carried out correctly, the grapes each year will please you with a rich and healthy harvest.

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