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And why do tomatoes twist leaves?

If you just planted tomatoes, then throughfor a while you may notice that the tomato sprouts the leaves and spoils the buds. Remember that tomatoes are rather whimsical plants that require especially strict observance of the rules for their maintenance. Even with a minimal discrepancy with these rules, fruits and leaves will signal you about your deplorable condition.

Why do tomatoes twist leaves

To date, the question of whytomato twist leaves, excites many gardeners. But, as it turned out, there are more than enough reasons for this. The most important of these is excessive indulgence with nitrogen fertilizers, infusion of herbs and organic substances with a sharp lack of zinc, potassium and phosphorus. In this case, it is important to introduce complex fertilizers, such as potassium monophosphate or a solution, and also by rules to balance the nutrition of plants.

In addition, when you contribute a lot of insufficiently rotted slurry or manure, the released ammonia can cause superficial necrotic damage to the fetus or a burn of the leaves.

Also the reason why a tomatothe leaves are twisted, there may be a violation of the humidity and temperature regime. Increasing the temperature to 35 ° C enhances the process of breathing a tomato, resulting in a rapid disintegration of nutrients, although the accumulation and assimilation of these substances at the same time falls sharply. Due to starvation, the leaves of the tomato twist. A particular danger for the plant occurs when the roots are located in the cold, and the upper part experiences high-temperature stress.

The leaves are twisted in a tomato

You can remove the stress by treating the leavestomatoes with urea, and after about 2 days sprinkle the leaves with potassium permanganate, which must be diluted to the color of a rosemary and treated with a solution of leaves. In a few days you will notice that the tops straighten.

Intense watering, excessive pinching orpasynkovanie can also be the reason why the tomato twists the leaves. Such twisting may occur in the middle of the growing season. It usually begins with the lower leaves and gradually spreads to the apex. The leaves easily crumble, become dense and somewhat firm to the touch. With strong twisting, flowers of plants often fall.

If you are sure that plants are provided withthe correct moist and temperature regime and proper nutrition, but do not understand why the tomato twists the leaves, then maybe the cause was a bacterial infection that is transmitted when planted with seeds. We want to assure you that it will not be possible to cure this disease, but it can be suspended by a special systemic drug Avicil.

The seedling sprouts tomato leaves

Last advice: in order to avoid unpleasant situations in the cultivation of tomatoes, from the beginning of the season we recommend strictly observe the agricultural technology, properly prepare the seeds before sowing, use complex fertilizers with microelements for fertilizing and in the first half of summer carry out preventive measures to combat the most common diseases and pests. Only in this case, tomatoes will please you with a healthy and good harvest!

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