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Why the geranium does not bloom

The name "geranium" in many is associated with brighta plant with lush flowers. This very unpretentious flower can grow both in pots and in flower beds in fertile soil. After planting from geraniums, flowers are expected most - long and colorful. And when a perfectly well-groomed and healthy geranium refuses to blossom, many are wondering why the geranium does not bloom, despite the care. And the knowledge of some secrets will help even an inexperienced florist to obtain from all geraniums long-awaited flowering.

So, the first reason why the geranium does not bloom,there may be a large pot, as in this case the geranium can build up a green mass, but does not want to blossom. If you buy geranium for the first time, try to plant it in a small pot, or even better put several geraniums in a large container at once - in this case, the risk of decaying the roots due to abundant watering is excluded, and the blossoming of competing plants is usually good. Over-dusting with this planting does not happen at home, and shades of colors will not change. The soil can be made from soddy land with the addition of leaf, humus and sand. For a better bloom, geraniums are required every year to replace the top layer of soil in the pot with a new substrate, and two years later the flower must be transplanted. Pots with geraniums should be kept in a remarkably lit place, because shaded can also be the reason why the geranium does not bloom. However, under direct sunlight their leaves may well get severe burns, and the duration of flowering of any flower in the inflorescence is significantly reduced. So, you should find a "golden mean": to put flowers in a well-lit place, but that by noon a light shadow fell on them. Actually, it can also be the reason why begonia does not bloom.

To water the geraniums is only after,as the top layer of the soil dries. Many geraniums prefer watering with enough hard water from the tap, however, this should not be taken into account, too - water may form on the soil. In the summer of every two weeks in the water for irrigation it is necessary to add a properly selected fertilizer, in which there must be a low content of nitrogen and high - phosphorus. The use of fertilizers with a high nitrogen content can be the reason why the geranium does not bloom. In summer, when warm, geranium can be taken out for a full day on the balcony, because the temperature drop will help its abundant flowering, and at night in the fresh air the soil in pots is cooled more effectively than in the room. To bloom lasted until late autumn, it is necessary to break the discolored inflorescence. It is also very important not to rotate or shift the released geraniums.

All this concerns also the reasons why the hydrangea does not bloom with poor care.

Geranium requires a rather cool wintering, andits absence can be the reason why the geranium does not bloom. In autumn, it is worth placing flowers on cool windowsills, at a distance from the batteries, the temperature should be maintained at 12 ° C. In this period, it is required to limit watering and stop feeding. After a good winter, the geranium does not get sick, it grows remarkably from the spring and blossoms well until late autumn.

For better formation of shrubs, the plant needspinch and trim, which also strongly affects its flowering. It is worth knowing that the large-colored geranium can refuse to bloom after pruning, that's why this kind of geranium is required to pinch and cut very rarely. Other varieties, especially old plants, need to be short cut early in the fall: all stems should be shortened by half the length, leaving shoots with 2 - 3 eyes.

If still you are still interested, why notblooms geranium, it's time to move on to radical measures. It is necessary to land her on a flower bed in a garden plot. In the fresh air geraniums begin to bloom very soon. However, it is required to take care that the plants do not become frozen. Before frosts, you need to dig out the geranium bushes, cut off the stems and place them tightly in one box, so that all plants are immediately provided with equal wintering conditions. And the next year, of course, your concern will return to you with a long and plentiful flowering.

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