/ How to make an eraser at home from rubber?

How to make an eraser at home from rubber?

How to make an eraser at home? Not everyone visits this question. After all, an eraser is a cheap thing that can be purchased at any stationery store. But if you want, you can make it yourself. This option is suitable for those who like to do something with their own hands. For manufacturing, you can use specialized clay or shaped rubber.


So how to make an eraser at home canpractical, everyone should prepare in advance. Of course, safe substances are used for manufacturing. However, it is worth thinking about means of protection. First of all, you will need special glasses. Eyes need protection most. To protect clothes from dirt, you can use a robe or apron.

how to make an eraser at home

How to make an eraser yourself at home?

First you need to prepare all the necessary components. To make an eraser, you will need:

  1. Water - 30 ml.
  2. Formed rubber, for example Pliatex - 30 ml.

To connect components it is better to useA container that does not react with other substances. As a rule, it is plastic or glass. In a deep bowl, combine the eraser components and mix. The substances must mix well. If desired, the number of components can be increased. However, the proportions of substances must always be preserved.

Mix everything with vinegar

So how to make an eraser at home withoutacid is impossible, it is recommended to use distilled white vinegar. 30 milliliters of this substance should be poured into a separate glass container. Only then a mixture of water and rubber can be added to the vinegar. It is important to observe the proportions. If, however, more components are used to make the eraser, then the amount of vinegar should be increased. At the same time, the proportions of vinegar, water and rubber should be kept at 1: 1: 1.

When mixed, the mixture must be converted intoDense mass, which in consistence resembles clay. In the resulting composition, you can add a little sand, about 1 teaspoon. This component is not mandatory. However, sand can improve the properties of the eraser. Also for this purpose, you can use salt.

how to make an eraser yourself at home

The final stage

While the mixture is not frozen, it is necessary to give itshape. If the composition sticks to your hands, you can apply talc or flour to them. You can also use molds for clay. This will greatly simplify the process. It is also recommended to sprinkle with talc before use. When everything is ready, you need to carefully remove the eraser. After this, the billet should be placed in a container of water. In the liquid, the eraser should be left for a few minutes. When all bubbles disappear from the surface of the workpiece, it is worth taking it out of the water and drying it. Now you know how to make an eraser at home. Discuss the finished product with a hairdryer or a regular towel.

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