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Highchair for highchair Campione - comfort and safety of the baby

Starting from 5-6 months, babies are able to sit withsupport, and their feeding should be carried out on a special highchair. On it the child will feel confident and comfortable, and parents will be able to control the whole process of eating. Safety for the baby and the convenience of the mother will be able to provide a highchair for feeding. Campione is a good and practical example of such furniture.

highchair campione campione

Features of the case

The main condition for the use of children'sfurniture is safety. The material from which such an article is made should not give off any foreign smells. Highchair Cam Campione is made from modern high-quality materials. The cover is made of durable and eco-friendly leather.

This material has a number of positive features:

  • practicality;
  • durability;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • easy to care for;
  • provides a pleasant tactile sensation.

high chair cam campione

Covers have a variety of shades and stylishdesign. They are easily removed, which makes it possible to erase them both in manual and automatic mode. This nuance is very important, because kids at an early age are active and only learn the process of eating, and this often brings mother "pleasant surprises".


This model has a weight of 9.8 kg. It provides additional stability, but at the same time is not too heavy for the mother. The height of the structure is 109 cm. It is not too big, so the child will not be afraid to be in the chair. It is convenient for parents to feed the child from the sitting position.

Width 61 cm and length 84 cm are standard. Such parameters allow the child to feel free and at the same time protected. In the room a high chair for feeding Campione Elegant in the folded version does not take up much space.

Design Features

The legs have a stylish design and sturdy construction. They provide stability and reliability. On the rear legs there are wheels with brakes for easy movement. All components of the structure are designed to ensure that the feeding chair does not fall under any load. Chair Campione has seat belts, through which the child is securely fixed and can not fall off with any activity.

Below is a roomy basket. It can store toys or removable items for the baby. There you can put on breastplates and napkins. The table has a rounded shape without corners and sharp edges. This feature protects the child from injury.

highchair for campione elegant

Wide pallets are removed, and they can be washed underrunning water. This contributes to an even greater hygiene and comfort in care. In the table there is a hole for a glass or a bottle. So the kid can not turn over his drink.


The convenient position of the child during eating and playing should provide a highchair for feeding. Campione Chair has three chair position modes:

  • sitting;
  • reclining;
  • lying down.

Such diverse positions allow you to feed children of different ages. Babies, who are still unsure of sitting, can eat from a bottle lying down. Sitting eating children who can eat from a spoon.

Six altitude regimes make it possible to use a highchair for different purposes. Chair Campione will be an excellent place to play or sleep a baby, while parents are busy with household chores.

It is compactly folded and placed in the trunkcar. Thus, the chair can be taken with you on trips and problems with feeding the baby will not arise even on the road. In the folded position, it can be hidden in the room when it is not needed. So it will be possible to save space in small apartments.

The top table top can be easily removed and it can beWash thoroughly. Also this chair position is convenient for children after a year. They can in the mode of "reclining" watching cartoons, using it as an armchair. If the baby falls asleep, then you just need to lower the chair in a recumbent mode and remove the top table.


This model has many positive reviews. Of course, there are small nuances that parents may not like. But the advantages greatly cover all the complaints on the stool for feeding Cam Campione. Reviews about it in 95% of cases only positive.

The main complaint is the wide locationlegs, which is not very convenient for installing a chair in a small kitchen. In such cases, it is recommended to use it only at the time of eating or playing, and in the rest of the time to fold and store in a convenient place.

Baby moms note increased safetychild during the use of this model and ease of care for it. Children reliably fastened with five-level seat belts and feel free at the same time. They can actively move and play.

high chair camione reviews

A variety of modes makes the chair comfortable notonly for toddlers, but for parents, so it is easy to use a highchair for feeding. The chair Campione is sure to become your son's favorite place and an excellent assistant for your mother. A capacious basket will allow you to store toys and things there, which will help to create coziness and order in the house.

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