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Table of pipe diameters: its meaning and characteristics

The classification of pipes can not beOnly on the type of material from which they are made, but also in size and purpose. The main characteristic feature of the pipe product is its diameter. Table of pipe diameters allows to determine the length of the entire pipeline, the purpose, composition and characteristics of the substance transported by these products. These parameters are regulated and standardized by special documents corresponding to GOST.

pipe steel diameters table

Different diameters of steel products

The table of pipe diameters helps to calculate different values, by the formula adding to them its value from the table. Diameters are:

  • internal;
  • external;
  • nominal;
  • wall thickness.
    pipe diameter table

The table of pipe diameters has the following concepts:

  1. The internal size of the steel product, which is determined in millimeters, is called the conditional pass. It is used to properly join several pipes.
  2. The permeability and volume of a unit of production depends onphysical quantity, measured in millimeters and called the thickness of the walls of the pipes. It is calculated by finding the difference between the outer and inner diameters.
  3. To determine the patency of the highwayuse a physical value expressed in millimeters. It is called the internal diameter. It is found as the difference between the outer diameter and wall thickness, multiplied by 2.
  4. The outer diameter can be small in size - 5 to 102 mm, medium - 103-426 mm and large - 427 or more mm.
  5. The nominal diameter has almost the same definition as the nominal pass, but its values ​​are more accurate.

Varieties of the pipe

The pipe diameter table is a normativedocument and is suitable for many types of pipe-rolling products. In addition to metal analogues having a large assortment, plastic products are used in construction.

External and internal - such has a pipe of steel diameters. A table with their values ​​always helps builders to accurately determine the desired value for a positive result in their docking and welding.

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