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How to get rid of dead wood in the house?

Various pests often appear inapartment. Harm from them is not enough, but also to coexist with such creatures - a little pleasant. Therefore, it is important to be able to fight them and know how to get rid of dead wood. Such knowledge will be useful to any person. It should be understood that insects often appear in rooms where there is a lot of debris, dirt, food waste. Therefore, before starting the fight with pests, it is necessary to conduct a spring cleaning.

How to get rid of bog

Moistice in the house appear at high humidity. It is important to check all pipes for leaks, see if there is a puddle. Thoroughly dry the room. In bathrooms there are no windows - therefore it is necessary to open the door after taking a bath or shower. So the water can evaporate without hindrance. You can install a heated towel rail, air conditioner or fan.

Moistice in the bathroom appear most often. You can cope with them using household chemicals and folk remedies. If you have the opportunity to close the room for three days and not go into it, you can pour into a bucket of quicklime and pour water in there. Then leave the room immediately.

If there are not enough insects, then you can try an even simpler way. Spread ordinary salt on the floor. The corners of the room can be sprinkled with boric alcohol.

Moist in the house

How to get rid of dead wood in other ways? On sale there are special chemical means for destroying pests. They can be in the form of a spray or traps. Read the instructions carefully before using them. How to do it, it takes two times to process the room and the pests will die.

There are still popular solutions to the problemHow to get rid of the woodlice. To do this, take a hundred grams of alum and dissolve them in a half liter of boiling water. The resulting solution must be poured into the atomizer and sprayed the habitat of the insects. To fix the result, you can repeat the processing.

How to get rid of dead wood with the help of tobacco? It is enough to take it in equal proportions with red pepper and soda ash. The mixture needs to process the corners of the room and the habitat of insects. After a few hours, wash the room with water with the addition of chlorine.

Moisture in the bathroom
You can try to make a trap yourself. For this you need to take raw potatoes. Knife carefully cut a small groove. Leave the root crop in the habitat of pests. As soon as they arrive, they should be thrown away with the potatoes.

It should be borne in mind that any means of combatingmochritsami not bring a result, if not eliminate the cause of their appearance. Most often they appear near sewer pipes, a drain tank and ventilation shafts. Therefore, it is important to keep dry air in the rooms. In the bathroom you can install a towel dryer, as mentioned above. Sometimes the woodlice can penetrate into the apartment from the basement. In this case, you should contact the management company, as there may be a leak. Plumbers eliminate it and insects will disappear. How to extort already appeared mokrits - folk methods or household chemicals? It's for everyone to decide for themselves! The main thing is not to stay idle!

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