/ What is a dimmer? Electric load power controller

What is a dimmer? Electric load power controller

The modern house contains many systems,allowing to save the consumption of various resources. Along with this, such scientific developments increase the comfort of host owners in their homes. Special attention was paid to the technology that controls the operation of electrical equipment. One such device is a dimmer. It regulates the intensity of lighting. What is a dimmer, how to install it and use it correctly, should every responsible host know. Such devices are increasingly used in conventional homes and apartments. Install the dimmer with your own hands. For this, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its device and the mounting scheme.

general characteristics

To understand what a dimmer is, you shouldto delve deeply into the origin of this word. It comes from the English language. In translation, dimmer means to darken. In our country this device is also called a dimmer, a variator, and 15 years ago a dimmer.

Invented dimmers were in the late 19 th century. Its main purpose is to control the brightness of the lighting, which increases the comfort inside the premises.

What is a dimmer?

Installing the device is fairly straightforward. Dimmer with his own hands is connected according to the scheme, depending on the type of switch. It will not only save energy, but also control the lighting of certain areas of the room, the strength of lighting with the help of a group of fixtures or one lamp, an LED strip.

Principle of operation

To understand what a dimmer is, it is necessary to understandprinciple of its work. The device is based on the rheostat principle. In its chip there is a set of resistors. They are directly involved in the adjustment process.

Touch dimmer

Resistors resist a certain force in the path of current flow. It is measured in Ohms. This indicator with the help of a certain control system can be adjusted at will.

The cost of the device is quite low. This makes the dimmer popular and quite often used in ordinary apartments and houses. It is installed instead of the usual light switch.

Types of dimmers

Depending on the type of light that the brightness adjustment device will adjust, there are three groups of these switches.

The first includes a dimmer for 220V lamps, as well as LED strips operating at the same mains voltage. It uses electric current directly, without lowering its value.

Dimmer for 220V lamps

The second group includes a device havingto its scheme a step-down transformer of 12 V. This is an LED dimmer. 220V mains voltage coming to the illuminator is reduced to the required operating value.

To the third group belongs a dimmer forfluorescent lamps, which have a number of differences from conventional illuminators, powered by a current of 220 V. Before buying, you need to take into account the type of device for which the dimmer is designed.

The main thing in choosing is to give preference to quality. Such dimmers, as, for example, "Legrand" will cost much more, but their durability and safety are an order of magnitude higher.

Dimmer control

The dimmer control system is very diverse. The device can be stationary or remote.

In the first case, the device looks similar tousual switch. Only to it the element of smooth change of force of brightness is still added. Such dimmers can be mechanical or sensory. Preference should be given in this case to a model that fits into the interior and is liked externally by the owners of the house. The touch dimmer looks more modern, and the mechanical dimmer is easier to use.

Legend dimmer

Control the intensity of lighting a lamp orgroups of lamps can be remotely. For this, there are systems with a remote control. One of the newest management principles is a program that dims lighting through the Internet. The program on the phone or computer will allow it to perform as comfortably as possible.

Dimmer application

The circuit of connection of the switch assumescontrol one or more light sources. If lamps of the same type, they can be connected in one channel. So, the dimmer can be installed on a lamp in the bedroom or connected to several lamps on the ceiling and walls in the corridor and living room.

LED dimmer 220V

Management of intelligent deviceswill set the timer function or the program by which the lighting will be performed at certain times with the specified intensity. If, by falling asleep, the owners of the house expose the dim lighting in the room, the corresponding program can turn off the light gradually. You do not even have to get out of bed to do this.

For multi-channel dimmers, you can installadjustment of several lighting zones. They will be illuminated independently of each other with a given brightness. By setting the dimmer with your own hands, you can make accent lighting of some objects in the room, creating unique design effects.

Manufacturers and Costs

The most qualitative manufacturers of devicesAdjustments of light are devices of brands "Schneider", "Make" and "Legrand". Dimmer from these companies is at the peak of popularity. Also popular, according to experts and consumers, are the digging devices Bticino, Gira, ABB, Merten. They are cheaper than the above devices. However, the quality of dimmers is proportional to their price.

Experts say that the finer components were used in the production of the regulator, the more durable will be its work. But for this you have to pay a decent amount.

Dimmer DIY
For example, "Legrand" (dimmer with push-button orturning control) will cost the consumer from 1400 to 2000 rubles. For the touch model, the average price will be 2800 rubles. The dimmer of the Schneider company on average costs about 500-1000 rubles, and the Makel - from 400 to 700 rubles.

LED lamp compatibility

When choosing a dimmer for LED lampsremember that not all their varieties are comparable with each other. Some of their species may work incorrectly in a bundle. This is due to the peculiarities of the dimmer circuit and lamp drivers of various production technologies. There are certain tables that allow you to choose the right type of regulator for the LED lamp.

The largest manufacturers of lighting equipmentThe presented type, which is the company Philips, Osram, is oriented in the manufacture of its products on the most famous and high-quality manufacturers of dimmers. These include the companies discussed above.

When buying lighting fixtures and control devices, they should contact your consultant. It will tell you which dimmers fit the selected LED lamps.

The preparatory stage of the installation of dimmer

If you intend to install a dimmerhands instead of the existing light switch, it must first be dismantled. Turning off the power supply to the apartment or house, you can get to work.

First, the old key is carefully removed.switch. Then the screwdriver unwinds the two bolts that hold the trim. Then spreader legs and fasteners unwind. So it will be possible to get a switch from the bottom plate.

Next, remove the wires that are suitable for the switch. In this case there will be three wires left. One zero and two phases. You can determine them with the help of special equipment. One of the wires per phase is supplying, and the second goes through the junction box to the chandelier.

Dimmer connection

The wiring diagram of the switch that adjusts the brightness of the light is depicted on the body of the product. It is necessary to observe the correct connection of wires.

Phase cable is usually shown in red. It is connected to the terminal L-in. The second phase conductor is indicated in orange. It should be connected to the L-out terminal.

Circuit Breaker Connection

When this work is done, dimmerIt must be installed in the same place. Spacer legs and mounting screws tighten. After that, you can put on decorative overhead panels. Then set the swivel wheel.

After that, the operation of the device is checked. The tension is applied and the wheel turns counterclockwise until it clicks. Lamps should go out. If you scroll the lever in the other direction, the lighting should increase smoothly. This indicates the correct functioning of the dimmer.

Getting acquainted with the concept of what a dimmer is, eachcan understand the diversity of their species and choose for themselves the best option. At the same time it will be quite simple to install the device with your own hands. The main thing is to follow the instructions and recommendations of specialists.

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