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Yellow kitchen - a sunny island in your apartment

Today, the interior of modern kitchens is sois varied, that it is very difficult to choose one of them. Someone sees this favorite room in classical style with solid wood furniture. Someone is closer to the metal shine of hi-tech style. And someone just wants his kitchen to be made in very delicate pastel colors and would be very cozy. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

yellow kitchen

Today we want to introduce you yellow kitchens ininterior. The question is already heard: "Why is it worth choosing this color?" A scientist from India, GHadiali, said at the beginning of the twentieth century that every shade influences a person's mood and his state of health. For example, the red color charges powerful energy, it acts exciting, it awakens the appetite. Violet shades, on the contrary, are suppressed. Yellow color stimulates digestion and at the same time helps to maintain weight in the norm. In addition, experts note that in such a room it is much easier to feed a small child - he is less naughty, eats more eagerly.

Yellow cuisine can be performed in the Tuscan style. Maybe, thanks to this, the Italians are quite slim, despite their love for spaghetti. Tuscan style involves coarse plaster, open shelves, painted cabinets.

Kitchen with canary furniture fronts, themore lacquered, reflects the light, and the room will always be sunny and warm. If you prefer more relaxed options, then you will get shades of yellow, turning into beige. It looks interesting kitchen with "solar" modules in combination with cabinets of a different color. Such sets always look very stylish and original. The main thing, do not be afraid to experiment.

Quite often a person decides that he needsnamely the yellow kitchen. What kind of walls should be in this case? You can choose wallpaper or paint bright and juicy yellow shades. But this must be done only after the choice of facades, textiles and flooring material.

yellow kitchens in the interior

You can only brighten a part of the wall, for example an apron over the stove and sink, and leave the rest of the area absolutely white or cream.

If for some reason the yellow kitchen remainsonly your dream, but in reality you have purchased a traditional set, then try to "revive" it with accessories. Put lemons in a large vase, put a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers. In addition, you can use a tableware of the same color. Do not be afraid to experiment with accessories, the main thing is that they are not too much.

Yellow kitchen is an excellent remedy fordepression, bad mood, gray and bad weather. This color perfectly fills the lack of sunlight. In such a kitchen you always feel very comfortable. If we talk about the combination of yellow with other colors, we can note the classic combination with white or aristocratic - with a gray tone. Bright and effective is the kitchen, which combines yellow shades with red (oriental style) or blue (Egyptian style). As always, the choice is left to the owner of the room.

In order for the yellow kitchen to have a completelook, take care of textiles. Curtains can be made in the same color as furniture or some accessories. If you have details of a blue shade, then the curtains can be made to tone them.

yellow kitchen what walls

The interior of such a bright and sunny space is perfectly complemented by a path on the floor, living or artificial flowers, beautiful accessories for the kitchen.

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