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Kitchen with island: features of the arrangement

Kitchen with island is an excellent solution forInterior, which can make it not only practical, but also original. Thanks to this arrangement, you can solve a lot of problems with the placement of household appliances and tools, as well as make the room more functional and easy to operate.

kitchen with island

It should be noted that the table that is usedin this case, can serve only for the cutting of products, have a cooking surface, be equipped with a large number of drawers, and also be combined with a bar counter. The choice depends on your needs and availability of free space. Most often, an island table for a kitchen is installed in a large enough room or in kitchens combined with a dining room. There is an opportunity to create such an interior in a small room, but here you need to be very cautious in choosing furniture.

Before decorating the kitchen, you need to understand thethe necessary size of the island. The standard height of the table is about 90 cm, and its width is 1.2 m. Naturally, there are other sizes. If the furniture is lower, then it can be successfully applied for daily meals. Naturally, there are different levels of tables. If the height of the furniture is large enough, but you intend to use it for food, then install bar stools near it.

table island for the kitchen

Kitchen with island is a great optionarrangement of the premises, which will simultaneously be engaged in cooking and communicating with the family, since you will not be all the time unfolded with your back to the table. In order to work it was convenient, you can arrange additional illumination of the working surface. On it, besides a plate, there can be sinks, a brazier and other additional elements. However, it is necessary to take care of all necessary communications. Under this design, various household appliances, such as a dishwasher or a washing machine, can easily be placed.

The kitchen with the island goes well with the winecabinet, which is also under the work surface. It should be noted that such a design can move around the room, which will allow you to choose the most optimal placement. An essential advantage of this option is also the fact that such furniture will be performed in different styles: classic, high-tech, minimalistic. Very beautiful looks a design, decorated in the old days.

kitchen island with breakfast bar

Kitchen with island, if it is providedthe hob must be equipped with a hood. Naturally, it can also have different dimensions, color and shape. In any case, it should have a beautiful view from all sides. It all depends on the overall design of the kitchen. The table can be located both in the center of the room and in its other area.

A special charm and elegance to the room is attachedkitchen island with a bar counter. Naturally, it will be higher than the main working surface, so the chairs should be appropriate. Especially convenient will be this design in the event that the table has a built-in sink or stove. The optimal bar counter is if the room is small.

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