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Flower of Women's Happiness

Original and very interesting tropicalplant spathiphyllum is a perennial plant from the family of aroids, called the flower of the people. Another popular name for this plant is Female Happiness. Where does this name come from? This stunningly beautiful plant is very popular among girls and unmarried women who sincerely believe that this flower will bring them the long-awaited female happiness.

Home Flower Women's Happiness, orspathiphyllum, this plant with lanceolate or oval leaves and absolutely without stem. An inflorescence is placed on the peduncle in the shape of an ear, which has a kind of veil at the base. Flower of Women's Happiness how to care for that we try to understand, very beautiful and just amazing with its entertainment, so that it can perfectly decorate any bouquet.

Spathiphyllum is suitable as a gift forbeautiful ladies, and it can be presented both independently and as part of a beautiful composition. Give a flower to that beautiful lady, who sincerely wish happiness.

However, contain home flowersHappiness is quite difficult, because this sissy from the tropics is very demanding on the conditions of detention and needs special care. Here is a capricious flower. Female Happiness. How can you take care of him so that he can please the owners with his amazing beauty? First of all, the domestic flowers of Women's Happiness can grow and develop well, they need to create ideal conditions - suitable lighting, heat and high humidity.

The best place for a flower is on the east orthe northern window sill, and in partial shade, in diffused light or under artificial illumination. It would seem that the plant is absolutely undemanding to lighting, but in fact it is far from being so. Here you need to find the golden mean: if the light is clearly not enough, then the leaves become small and elongated, which will negatively affect the appearance of the flower. If the leaves are exposed to direct sunlight, then they will appear sunburn in the form of yellow spots. To avoid this, it is necessary to tighten the lower part of the window glass with a film that will pass the already scattered light of the sun.

Spathiphyllum - flowercare for him? It is clear that one correct lighting for the normal development of the flower is not enough. It is necessary to provide the flower with the correct temperature regime - this is very important. In the spring-summer period, the ambient air temperature should be within the range of 18-25 degrees, and in autumn and winter should not be colder than 16 degrees of heat. At lower temperatures, the plant development and growth significantly slow down.

Flower of Women's Happiness how to care forwe now disassemble, for the normal development requires abundant watering in the spring-summer period. It does not matter, pour water in a tray or water the ground well. But you need to remember well that between watering the land must necessarily dry out. In order to avoid mistakes, the ground must first be touched and make sure it is dry from above and slightly moist at a depth of two to three centimeters. If so, then the flower can be poured with water at room temperature, after letting it stand for twelve hours. If you put a layer of sand in the pallet or put moss, it will help to preserve moisture. It would be nice to spray the plant with warm water, only you need to make sure that the water does not get on the cob at the time of flowering.

Home Flower Women's Happiness is goodresponds to fertilizing, which must be carried out at least once a week. In this case, it is better to alternate organic matter with mineral fertilizers. You can use complex fertilizers, designed specifically for flowers.

With due care, which, in principle, is not so complicated, the flower of Female Happiness will be healthy and beautiful for a long time.

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