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How to plant grapes in the fall - seedling preparation and planting stages

Grow a good harvest of grapes - it's prettypainstaking work that requires constant attention and time. However, the hard work of the gardener will be rewarded with the rich bunches that will give the plant. Many are interested in various questions about how to care for the vine or how to plant grapes in the fall. Various tips and recommendations for growing grapes can be found in this article.

Wonderful plant - grapes

Grapes are one of the finest giftsnature. Its fruits store a lot of useful vitamins and substances, and also make wine with an amazing taste from grapes. And although growing and caring for this plant is not very simple, many gardeners get a good and rich harvest. In order to successfully grow it, you need to know a lot about how to care for the vine, how to plant the grapes in the fall, how to take care of its health and protect it from pests. Proper care at the beginning of growth will ensure a good and abundant harvest of adult bushes. This article will tell you how to plant the grapes in the fall cuttings, properly prepare and place them.

how to plant grapes in autumn

How to plant grapes in autumn

The best period for planting grapes isSeptember is the month. For the seedling, it will take time to take root and harden before the onset of winter cold. And with the first frost, the seedlings will be tempered, which will help survive the coming frosts. With the advent of spring, the grapes planted in autumn will begin to grow actively and develop. Which is better to choose seedlings for autumn planting? It is best to choose shoots from forty to fifty centimeters long, with a diameter of at least 8 mm. The root system should be well developed and have three or four roots, and also the mature buds should be visible. It is necessary to carefully inspect the planting material to prevent the planting of the diseased or damaged plant pests. On the bottom of the pit for the grapes first lay the drainage (here you can apply small gravel). The layer of this drainage is up to seven centimeters, then spread thick paper.

how to plant the grapes in the fall cuttings
It is mandatory to plant (forfeeding and watering) drainage pipe, which is placed at the edge of the pit. Pits should be filled with soil with humus, fertilizer and sand, this will ensure nutrition and good development of the young bush. How to plant the grapes in autumn and how to prepare a seedling? This question is often asked by many gardeners. Preparation of the seedling for planting consists in cutting off the upper part of the shoot, also removing the side roots, and the length of the roots is kept within 10-15 centimeters. The roots before landing are lowered into a special "talker", which consists of water, clay and cow dung. It is also good to cover the top of the grapes with antiperspirants, this will avoid drying out.
how to plant the grapes in autumn

Rules for placing a seedling in planting

How to plant the grapes in autumn so that theywell got accustomed and in the spring actively developed? To do this, you need to know the rules of how to place the seedling in the planting pit. First, plant the heel in the center of the pit, then gently straighten the roots, slightly deepening it into the ground. The grape shoot is necessarily sent to the south. The earth should be well sealed around it to avoid the formation of air corridors. Then watered in the calculation: one bucket of water per pit. When the moisture is absorbed, the soil is covered. With the onset of cold weather around the young pagon are made earth shelters, which will protect the plant from freezing.

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