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Highchair for Amalfy: features and disadvantages

After the child turns 6 months old,pediatricians recommend starting to introduce the first complementary foods. At parents at once there is a question: "Where to put the kid that to it it was convenient and comfortable?". A highchair for feeding Amalfy is perfect for this purpose. Thanks to safety belts, comfortable chair, which is adjustable in three positions, you do not have to worry about crumbs.

Choosing quality products for kids

A highchair for feeding Amalfy - furniture thatit will be useful to any kid. The factory for the production of goods and office of the company is located in China. Many parents, after learning this information, begin to be cautious about such furniture. But in vain. Most of the chairs are made of plastic. The choice of models is huge. Everyone can choose the product that he can afford.

Highchair for Amalfy is designed for childrenage from 6 months to 5 years. All fastenings are designed for the fact that the baby will grow. The highlight of the products are double trays. This allows parents to clean the stand without hindrance.

highchair amalfy

We study the presented models

Perhaps the most popular model is the highchair Amalfy GB 008. Its cost ranges from 7 thousand rubles. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • There are seat belts. They fix the child's body in 5 places, so you do not have to worry about the kid falling out of the chair somehow.
  • Manufacturers have developed and applied a mechanism that allows you to adjust the backrest in three positions.
  • The seat can be raised and lowered. There is a step which allows the crumb to feel the support.
  • In the base of the chair there are wheels, with the help of themMom can always push the baby where it needs to. In order for the child to not be able to swing on the chair and go, there is a brake, which you should not forget, leaving the baby in the kitchen.
  • The table is made of two parts. The upper tray is removed without any problems. You can wash in the dishwasher. This model is presented in two color variations: green and red. Suitable for both boys and girls.

highchair for amalfy gb 008

Parents' comments

After the baby starts to sit confidently,the question arises which is the best chair to buy. The process is really important and complex. Pediatricians warn that it is worth taking responsibility for the purchase with full responsibility, so as not to spoil the posture and spine to the child. Stool for feeding Amalfy, reviews about which are mostly positive has a number of advantages. First of all, this comfortable chair, which repeats the silhouette of the child's body. Also worth noting the variety of the model range. Basically, all the stools are transformers. After the baby grows up, they can become a full-fledged school desk and a stool.

Still, parents note some shortcomings:

  1. Pretty massive, takes up a lot of space in a small apartment.
  2. Many small parts (bolts, fasteners, joints), where food falls. It is very difficult to remove it from there.
  3. From time to time it is necessary to twist the bolts, otherwise the chair starts to loosen.

All these shortcomings are compensated by an acceptable price policy of the company.

highchair amalfy reviews

The highchair for feeding Amalfy is quite popular. Sitting on it is convenient, and most importantly, completely safe for the child.

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