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Stool-transformer for feeding children (photo)

With the advent of the baby in the house, the question ofpurchase of special children's furniture. A highchair-transformer for feeding becomes necessary from the moment when the child starts to sit confidently. Such a thing will provide convenience for both mom and a small family member. In addition, it is safe due to the equipping of any model with belts.

What is a highchair (transformer)

A chair for feeding can be ordinary madefrom plastic. It stands on high legs and has a tray for plates. But all its functionality on this and ends. Parents will not be able to lay down such a chair for the convenience of storage, nor remove the countertop to wash it well.

Transformer is very helpful because of itsabilities. Multifunctional models can be made of both plastic and wood. But the main difference between them and ordinary stools is the possibility of making any changes.

Depending on the type of chair you canadjust the angle of the backrest, seat height and remove the tray. There are options that easily turn into a swing or even a separate seat and table.

highchair transformer for feeding

Is it worth it to buy a transformer

The indisputable advantage that the highchairs-transformers for feeding children possess is the possibility of their long use. The child will be able to sit on it from about 6-7 months and up to 5 years.

First, the kid learns to eat like an adult, sitting in a comfortable seat. As the small master grows, the design easily turns into a place for drawing and table games.

Materials used in the production of children'schairs, absolutely safe. You can choose a sample from both plastic and wood. Now on sale there are also combined options, when the legs are made of wood, and the seat and tray - made of plastic.

stool for feeding transformer
Highchair-transformer for feeding is equipped withremovable counter top. This is very convenient when the tray is heavily soiled. It is simply removed and washed under running water. In addition, the tray, depending on the child's complexion, can be installed in different positions. The child will be comfortable regardless of his height.

Many brands have special pockets to store children's little things. There is always an opportunity to put a toy, a notebook or a book there and take the kid in time to play.

Choose a chair-transformer


The main thing when choosing children's products is alwaysis safety and convenience. Therefore, first of all, the seat should be equipped with soft, wide seat belts. In order for you to calmly turn away from the child sitting in his place, the straps should always be fastened.


All parents know how restless the baby is. Therefore, so that the chair does not roll over during the swings and movements of the child, the model must be stable.

Usually a heavy wooden structure is turned oversimply impossible. When choosing plastic chairs, choose the one where the distance between the legs is wider. It is desirable to have rubberized linings against unwanted slipping.

transformer stools for feeding children

Safety, of course, is important, but if the kid or you will be uncomfortable using the transformer, then the chair does not bring joy.

The seat should be soft and adjustable. You can always set the right height for your growth. It is important for the child to have a running board so that the legs do not hang during use.

All removable parts must have a reliable mechanismfrom accidental removal. But at the same time, an adult without effort will be able to unfasten them. It is desirable to choose a removable cover on the seat, otherwise it will simply not be possible to wash it well.

The size

Very often a highchair (transformer) is large. Therefore, if you have a small apartment, you should choose compactly folding models.

highchair transformer for feeding wooden
If you, on the contrary, have a spacious kitchen, you constantly move in space, pay attention to the option with wheels. So it will be much more convenient for you to use it.

Attention! All furniture for children, equipped with wheels, must have fixatives. Always fasten the wheels when turning away from the baby.

Wood or plastic

The tree attracts many by its ecological purity and safety. In addition, it looks great. Highchair-transformer for feeding wooden has a number of features.

  • This model is very durable. You can use it from the moment when the child has learned to sit and up to 5 years.
  • The place to eat turns into a separate smallchair and desk. You can use not only for food, but also for classes with the baby. And later the child will sit down at his own table and eat or draw.
  • Because of its properties, the stool-transformer for feeding wooden is very bulky and has a heavier weight, compared to plastic options.
  • Despite the availability of great functionality, the cost of wooden models is slightly lower than plastic counterparts.
  • The worktop of wooden models can be made of different materials and, as a rule, small in size. But there are chairs with a plastic removable tray, which is more convenient to use.

photo highchair transformer for feeding

Pros and cons of the transformer

The advantages of a highchair are the functionality. In such models everything is thought through to the smallest detail. To the child and mum it is comfortable and convenient during meal.

In addition, you do not have to purchase a children's table. Functional furniture solves this problem, and the kid gets a place for creativity.

And with careful handling, the transformer will last a very long time. And it is possible that the second your child or even the third one will be comfortable in it.

Great opportunities require and large sizes. It happens that the kitchen is so small that it is impossible to find a place for a bulky giant.

If you plan to move a chair, the model that does not have wheels is very inconvenient in this regard. All the transformers are very heavy.

Additional options

In addition to the basic functions, manufacturers try to add additional game elements to the chairs for feeding children.

For the joy of the baby can be seen on salea lineup of transformers with a game music panel. There are species with a hinged arc for toys. All these little things are interesting to the child and help the mother to entertain the baby.


As you can see in the photo, the stool-transformer for feeding looks cute and entertaining. But the price will be much more expensive.

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