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We choose wheels for wheelchairs

Even if you paid attention to choosing a strollerincreased attention to its wheels, checking their strength and reliability of fasteners, no one will give a guarantee that you do not have to face the need for their repair or even replacement. And if your daily path will lie on the road, rich in potholes and bumps, then you are unlikely to be able to avoid it altogether.

Wheels for wheelchairs
If you know in advance that your route will beto pass exactly on impassability, wheels for wheelchairs are better to choose big. Yes, and the child in this case will be more comfortable: the larger their diameter, the less will shake the stroller. And already the walking version can be chosen more easily, without focusing on the size of the wheels. But while on the wheelchair there is a cradle, it is necessary to take care of the maximum comfort of the baby.

In addition, larger wheels are more reliable, becausesmall ones always loosen up faster. And to drive in the autumn-winter-spring period with large variants is easier. The larger wheelbars in diameter, the higher their permeability and the less chance of getting stuck in a snowdrift or getting stuck in a puddle.

How to remove a wheel from a stroller
In addition, when choosing a special attention isgive the material from which they are made. Some prefer wheelchairs to be made of plastic, others want inflatable options. But each of them has its own characteristics. For example, rubber tires provide a smooth ride and better cushioning, but you will surely become a frequent tire fitting customer. Go along our roads so that the inflatable wheel remains intact, can only virtuosos. In cold weather, they will be lowered slightly, the patency will deteriorate significantly, they will just get stuck in the snow.

Plastic wheel for wheelchairs moreuniversal: they show themselves perfectly at any time of the year, but the baby's cradle will shake more. In principle, you can find options with good shock absorbers, which ensure a smooth ride. But not all parents should focus on this, since many children, on the contrary, fall asleep only in the conditions of strong shaking.

Wheels for stroller
By the way, when choosing a child transport, you cantake an interest in how to remove the wheel from the stroller and replace it to pick up your model for both rubber and plastic tires, and if necessary, "re-shoes" it.

Also important is not only the size of the wheels, but alsodistance between them: it must be such that the crew of the child without any problems entered the door of the house, apartment and elevator. If you live in a multi-storey building, and you have to at least occasionally lower-raise the stroller along the stairs, you need to measure the distance between the wheels also in length. A well-chosen model can be brought along the steps, without even lifting it up.

By the way, this task is better handledsmall "crews". Wheels for a stroller are usually made small to facilitate the overall weight of the structure. This is most likely one of the reasons why it is easier to climb up the ladder with them: the diameter of the tires allows them to smoothly get on the step, and the mother can easily roll up the stroller.

Of course, when choosing first, it is necessaryorient yourself to your preferences, checking the comfort and maneuverability of the stroller. But just in case, it does not hurt to find out where you can find spare wheels, and how they need to be changed.

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