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The British chocolate. Breed description

Among fans of furry pets increasesthe demand for British cats. This breed combines the best qualities of the cat family. The British are intelligent and proud, a bit stubborn because of a kind of self-sufficiency and independence. In their movements one can see a unique grace and importance.

British chocolate

The British are quite affectionate to the masters andare devoted to them. However, despite this, they calmly tolerate loneliness for a short time. Such a pet is a great option for a busy person.

The history of the appearance of chocolate

Because of the increased interest of people in this breedspecialists began to expand the range of colors, one of the new is chocolate. It was obtained by a side route when breeding another breed. That is, they were not planned, but the British chocolate color was recognized among the public. Appearance and character by dostoimstvu appreciated by fans fluffy.

Appearance of a British chocolate

Chocolate British are often crossed withrepresentatives of the color-point. The British chocolate has a wool that shimmers along its entire length. Appearance is aristocratic and noble. It is proved that cats with such coloring have a beneficial effect on a person's condition.

The British chocolate, due to the long and laborious work of the breeders, has become a dense and pleasant to the touch of fur, which is not inferior to the representatives with blue color.

Characteristics of type:

- short, strong paws, broad chest;

- a round head with broad cheekbones;

ears are small, beautiful;

- eyes round yellow or orange;

- nose of the same tone as the color of the coat, or light chocolate (like milk chocolate).

Chocolate British kittens

The British coat is soft, short. As a rule, the color is uniform and saturated, without any marks or carp. Thoroughbred representatives have an almost perfect dark brown fur coat, which makes them irresistible and very attractive. In some cases, this color is described as chestnut. It is also rare, but still called "harbor", because it is similar to the color of the Havana cigar.


Cats are affectionate and undemanding, stronglyattach themselves to the owner, calm enough, if this does not apply to food. It is important for them to receive food in the required amount in a timely manner. Chocolate British kittens can have different shades of this color. The time of its formation lasts for fifteen months. A brownish tint may appear, but it will go away. By the standard for this breed, the shade can be the color of chocolate: from milky to bitter.

Complexity of excretion

Getting chocolate cats from British kittens is difficult. In the natural environment, there is no single chocolate color gene.

The color of a cat is affected by the presence of a colorant -melanin. It is in the woolen in the form of microgranules. This substance is divided into two types: eumelanin, pheomelanin. The British chocolate is obtained from the first species. The intensity and coloring of the color will depend on the gene D. The saturation is affected by which of the two states the gene will be located in. When the recessive state of kittens chocolate color can only be obtained if it is received from both parents. That is, everyone should have a chocolate gene - this is the key condition for breeding the breed.

British chocolate color

The British chocolate combines the bestfeatures, for which he began to be in demand with the breeders. Aristocratism, generosity and pride in its pure form. Despite the fact that this color appeared later, such British in a short time were in demand and loved the cat, so much so that they overtook many of their counterparts.

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