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Finger paints for kids - an aid to young artists

Finger paints for babies - a novelty in the marketchildren's goods for creativity. Only recently having appeared, they have won devotion both of young artists, and their parents. Advantages of such colors are many, but there are no shortcomings even with a great desire.

finger paints for babies
First, they are non-toxic and do not harm health. They can even be taken in the mouth - the special materials from which such paints are made are absolutely safe.

Secondly, finger paints for babies are an excellent way to teach your child to draw. It will be much easier for him to work with his finger than to squeeze a brush or pencil.

Thirdly, the paints are made on a water basis. They are well washed off their hands and washed off their clothes.

At what age should the baby give a fingerpaints? You can buy them already when the child turns six months old. Try dipping his finger in the paint and leaving a bright brush on the paper. Surely this will cause a stormy enthusiasm among the young non-attendants and will take him for a long time. Just take a sheet of large format paper. And if you are still afraid for clothes, you can undress the baby and let him paint on his own body. Then you can have a good swim in the bathroom (by the way, you can also paint on its walls).

finger paints for children
At the first stages it is not necessary to give the baby the whole packcolors. It is better to drop a few droplets into the palette or to an ordinary plastic plate. Let him give vent to fantasy, express emotions, mix colors at his own discretion. At this time you can turn on quiet, soothing music.

But what good palchikovye paints for kids, according to psychologists:

  • They perfectly develop fine motor skills, which, in turn, contributes to the intensive development of speech, because the centers responsible for both these factors are in the brain "in the neighborhood".
  • The child gets new tactile sensations, learns to own his body and recognize the differences between different surfaces by touch.
  • The kid learns to feel the boundaries, which is an excellent preparation for coloring with pencils and paints.
  • Paints develop the concept of colors, their shades and combinations.
  • Develops a child's imagination, thinking and memory.

finger paints to buy
Drawing techniques

Finger paints for kids - a huge spacefor creativity. They can be used in different ways. For example, put on the sheet of paper fingerprints or the entire palm, and then draw a few strokes so that it turned out some animal or fairy-tale character. You can use a piece of a usual sponge instead of a palm: prints from it are very original, and such an improvised brush can quickly paint over large sections of the sheet. Sometimes finger paints for children are sold together with special stamps and stencils, which can also be used in the drawing.

Guaranteed delight of the youngest artistsfor certain will cause the technique of a mat. It consists that beforehand in a sheet of paper the hole in the form of a mushroom, a flower, silhouette of an animal is cut. The kid on his "canvas" can draw any scribbles, but when you apply a prepared "stencil" from above, he will see a colorful drawing.

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