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Choose hats for girls correctly

With the onset of bad weather it is worth taking care ofHis wardrobe and protection from the winter cold of the household. Children's clothing should be warm and comfortable, fashionable and beautiful, especially important is the rule for girls. The choice of accessories is no less important when buying clothes, and it will be right to pay special attention to this.

hats for girls

An important addition to a down jacket or jacket are hats for girls, winter and autumn. When purchasing this accessory, remember that the headpiece should be:

  • Warm. For a cold, frosty winter, a warm hat with natural fur or a fluff is best.
  • Picked up exactly the size and cover your ears. A well-seated hat will provide comfortable sensations, and warmed ears will rule out blowing by the wind.
  • Matching the rest of the details of the wardrobe in color, texture and style.
  • It is fashionable for a child to feel comfortable among peers.
  • Original and emphasizing personality, which is especially important for teenagers.

In addition, the purchase should please the child,so when choosing a hat for girls, one must be guided by the opinion of the future owner of the thing. This approach will avoid disagreements and disputes. A hat that you like, the girl will not take pictures to show off beautiful hair.

Caps for girls is not only a warm headclothes, but also a means of self-expression. A bright accessory says about the owner of the main thing. Admirers of glamorous style will like rhinestones and bows on hats and mittens in pink tones, delicate refined natures will like the caps decorated with flower compositions.

hats for girls winter

The hats forgirls, sewn and bound in the form of funny little animals, cartoon characters and youth serials. Note that the knitted panda cap will be relevant for a girl of any age, and Hello Kitty on the head of an adult girl will be appropriate only in special cases.

Knitted hats for girls are best to wear in autumn,in winter it can be cold in them. The exception is the headwear of a double coat of wool, the middle of which contains a heater. Some models, in addition to the main tie, are decorated with decorative long ears, which perfectly warm in the cold.

The headgear should be original, not like that,just like others. To this end, you can tie the caps for girls with your own hands out of bright monotonous or melange yarn. For those who are not ready to use knitting needles or crochets, there is an alternative option - decorate the finished product with decorative elements. It can be embroidered patterns and intricate ornaments, bows and flowers from ribbons.

knitted hats for girls

Create a rose from organza is not at all difficult, you needroll a wide ribbon along and sew the edges. Stepping back from the edge of the long ribbon, turn it to a right angle, then again. If you do everything correctly, the rose petals will be made from the front and the underside of the ribbon of different shades.

kanzashi hat
From the satin ribbon formed petals on the technique of Kanzash, which we put in flowers. A hat decorated with such colors will please a little fashionista and decorate her outfit.

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