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Signs for pregnant women: folk wisdom or guidance to action

A real miracle has happened - this is how it is possibleto name the desired pregnancy. In nine long months a newborn baby will appear, a successor of the family. In the meantime, he will grow and develop intensively, his mother, yesterday's modern girl, who does not believe in any "grandmother's tales" will strictly adhere to everything that women are prompted by experienced women. This is an early manifestation of maternal feelings, manifested in fear of losing an unborn yet already so beloved baby.

What is the background for pregnant women?

There are signs that matter, proventime, passed from mouth to mouth from mother to daughter, from generation to generation and that have survived to this day. There are also no meaning. But just as in the old days pregnant women do not cut their hair to avoid the fading of the fetus, do not step over a broom, log, earthen fruits, ropes to avoid miscarriage, as interpreted by signs for pregnant women. The sacrament of the birth of life, pregnancy, the birth of a child - all accompanied by increased interest from the curious. The desire to protect the woman in an interesting position and gave birth to various prohibitions to protect against the evil eye.

Definition of pregnancy with the help of people's signs

Since ancient times, women have been trying to learn about the presence orabsence of pregnancy on early terms. But, unfortunately, not everyone had the opportunity to turn to the doctor, and there were no tests at that time. A weighty argument for a positive result has always been the absence of menstruation, as well as such signs for pregnant women as swelling of the breast, discharge of colostrum, morning sickness and vomiting, changes in taste, increased sensitivity to smells, excessive consumption of salty and acid foods. However, these same signs can be observed even before the onset of menstruation, and the delay can be provoked by various factors. For example, such as: moving, stress, the use of drugs, physical overload, travel, sudden climate change, weight change, due to diet, etc.

Observation of basal temperature confirms or denies pregnancy

Some women still use thismethod, consisting in measuring the basal temperature. Indeed, quite often people's signs of determining pregnancy do not fail their admirers. Provided that the temperature is always measured and the schedule is maintained. Confidence in the confirmation of pregnancy gives a high temperature for more than three days, in contrast to the usual phase of the yellow body (post-ovulatory phase, characterized by a temperature above 37 ° C). That is, if the usual duration of the phase is 14 days, and in this period has become 18 days, then the probability of pregnancy is very high. To effectively use this method, it is extremely important to know your cycle well.

Signs that you should listen to

There is nothing reprehensible in that if some signs for pregnant women take a note, especially since they have a certain meaning:

• By prohibiting a pregnant woman from sitting on the threshold, they take care that she does not catch cold while sitting in a draft.
• Do not look at ugliness, preferringbeautiful people, beautiful nature, listening to pleasant music. From the point of view of modern medicine, it is proved that the embryo feels the same feelings as his mother. Why injure the child's unformed psyche? Recommended exclusively positive emotions!
• There are still signs - during pregnancy, notgrab in fright for the face, the child from this supposedly may appear birthmarks. Also, a direct link between baby and mom has been scientifically proven, since they experience identical feelings, as well as touching the skin - this is no exception.

How to treat superstitions - it's up to everyone personally. Listen and perform or completely ignore. Only there is in this age-old wisdom of our ancestors and not to bite your elbows afterwards, can you really adhere to it? And if you start from how many prohibitions there are, do you remember everything? Signs for pregnant women, for other cases of life - the mass of all kinds of prohibitions can make our life simply unbearable, it is impossible to act with caution - do I act correctly, do I violate another "fence"? So can it be better to take it as a joke, refuting and confirming scientifically grounded evidence?

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