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What should be the temperature of the cats, so that the owners do not worry about the condition of the darlings?

Many owners of cats, noticing that their petbehaves as something unusual, does not play, refuses to eat, think about the state of her health. As in humans, cats have a fever with illness. How do you know the temperature of a cat in this case?

what should be the temperature in cats
Touch the tip of the nose? But it happens that in a stuffy room it dries up and becomes hot, and in case of illness it remains cool. As an indicator, the tip of the nose does not always give an objective picture.

To put a thermometer under the mouse? Under what paw? Back or front?

And what should be the temperature in healthy cats and cats of patients, on what indicator should we orient ourselves?

The normal figure for a cat is from 38.4 to39.5 degrees Celsius. In most cases, it does not depend on the time of year and on the temperature in the apartment, but it can vary in the direction of increase during stress, after sleep, when excited.

There is one more important point - the measurement procedurethis important indicator for the cat is unpleasant, the thermometer must be injected into the rectum. And after this process, the temperature can also slightly increase.

how to know the temperature of a cat
To find out what temperature should be in cats to determine the presence of the disease, you need to prepare in advance.


  • thermometer - better electronic, it has a thinner tip;
  • soft large towel;
  • substance for lubricating the tip of a thermometer, cream or oil;
  • 2 pairs of reliable hands - it is desirable, one without the habit can not cope.

Hind paws and head are fixed preparedthe tail of the cat is gently lifted vertically and the thermometer, pre-coated with grease, is inserted into the anus of the cat gently to the depth of the tip by gently rotating the movement.

Of course, it is better to take your favorite pet to a veterinarian if you suspect a disease, but even an experienced doctor, knowing what the temperature should be in cats, in a particular case may be mistaken.

how to determine the temperature in cats
Cats are as individual as people. And, as in humans, their temperature index can be increased or decreased. There are cases when the veterinarian refuses to perform manipulations with the animal brought to the inoculation, arguing that this is due to a rise in temperature. And this cat has such an individual characteristic.

Therefore, to know how to determine the temperature ycat, should every responsible host. He also needs to know that in the case of small kittens for up to 2.5 months, a temperature of 39.5 is considered the norm, the temperature is increased in females during estrus and pregnancy, and that lowering the temperature is much more dangerous than increasing it. If the cat has a temperature of about 37 degrees - an appeal to the vet should be immediate.

A slight increase in temperature can betry to stop yourself, if there is no side symptomatology: the discharge of pus from the ears or nose, vomiting or diarrhea. For this, cold compresses are applied to the area of ​​the cat's shoulder blades.

Knowing what should be the temperature of cats, the disease the owner of his pet will not miss.

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