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Treatment of diaper dermatitis in young children

One of the most common problems of childrenthe first year of life is diaper dermatitis. It occurs in more than half of babies, and this is due to the features of the skin of children. It is so thin and sensitive in children that contact with wet and dirty diapers and diapers immediately leads to irritation. Therefore, every mother should know how the treatment of diaper dermatitis in children.

treatment of diaper dermatitis

Most often this problem occurs in girls, andalso in the "artificers". Improper care for babies can also lead to diaper dermatitis. If a child is constantly in a wet and dirty diaper or diaper for a long time, if his parents are wrapped in it, and he is hot, then irritation will appear on his skin. Therefore, the treatment of diaper dermatitis primarily consists in the observance of hygiene rules.

This disease is divided into three stages. In an easy stage there is irritation on the skin and redness, in the second stage the rash is clearly visible, and in severe cases - erosions and ulcers. Treatment of diaper dermatitis needs to start at the first stage, because if you start the disease, itching and wet sores will cause the child suffering. The baby will become whimsical, restless, will eat and sleep badly.

diaper dermatitis treatment with folk remedies

Begin the treatment with the elimination of the causesirritation. Change your baby's diaper more often, refrain from using waterproof diapers. Wear a child on the weather and after each toilet, wash it with clean water. As often as possible leave the baby without a diaper, because fresh air is the best treatment for diaper dermatitis. Try to use thin and soft fabrics for baby clothes and diapers, wash children's clothes with anti-allergenic drugs and watch for its nutrition, eliminate acidic juices and restrict protein intake.

Care must be taken to cosmeticdrugs that are used for the child. Use only special products with neutral PH, it is desirable that they contain glycerin, castor oil, zinc oxide, vitamins and plant extracts in their composition. If you use a powder, it should be applied only on carefully dried skin, so that the powder does not roll into the balls and does not cause additional irritation.

diaper dermatitis candidiasis

Do not immediately use strong antibiotics andhormonal ointments, suspected of the baby diaper dermatitis. Treatment with folk remedies is much better and safer. Bathe the child in the herbs of herbs: chamomile, oak bark, marigold, celandine or alternating. You can take a bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Good soothes irritation and itching oat broth or aloe juice.

Sometimes, against the background of skin irritation,complications. If a child is weakened by antibiotics, or his immunity is reduced, a fungal lesion of the skin may appear. Then they say that the baby has a diaper dermatitis candidiasis. Treatment of it is much more difficult, since it requires the intake of special antifungal drugs and the use of therapeutic ointments. Drugs should be prescribed by a doctor, because many of them have contraindications and side effects.

Diaper dermatitis is easier to prevent than cure, so watch out for the child's hygiene and what is applied to his skin.

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