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A rash on the face of an infant - is the SOS signal from the body?

Rash on the face of an infant
The birth of a child is the most beautiful event in the world.life. After his birth, the mother tries to surround him with care and love, to prevent any possible disease. However, the rash in infants has now become a serious problem that parents often face.

What it is?

Rash on the face of an infant - this is a fairly common phenomenon. It can arise for the following reasons:

  • improper diet of a woman (pregnancy and lactation);
  • disorders of the baby's digestive system;
  • disruption of the nervous system;
  • allergic reactions;
  • changes in temperature conditions.

Rash in infants
The above causes of rashare considered the most common. In addition, this symptom on the skin can be a manifestation of an allergic reaction. If you saw a rash on the face of a month-old baby, do not get discouraged immediately, but follow your baby, for his nutrition. Perhaps you will understand the causes of such an unpleasant illness yourself and help to diagnose the doctor, which will lead to a quick and effective treatment for your baby.

Varieties of rashes

The rash on the face of an infant may have the following character:

  • Acne (in newborns) - small white dots that appear due to hormonal changes in a small organism. There is such a rash on its own after three months.
  • Acne (in infants) - blackheaded eels. This sign indicates that the child has an excess of androgens. This symptom appears between the ages of three and sixteen months. A doctor's treatment is required.
  • Sweating, which is a small pink rash. It can arise absolutely different places and at any time of year because of non-observance of the rules of hygiene to care for the child.
  • Allergy. Such a rash on the face of an infant may be a manifestation of a contact and food allergy. Causes for the emergence can serve all sorts of detergents, powders, tissues, food, medicines.

Rash on the face of a month old baby
What to do and how to deal with the rash?

Most importantly, dear moms, if you sawrash on the face of a month-old baby, do not panic and do not self-medicate. It is recommended to consult an experienced specialist who will determine the type of skin changes and their cause, prescribe a safe and suitable course of treatment for your baby. As a rule, the recommendations of doctors are as follows:

  • To wash the child every day with boiled water.
  • Refusal to use: antihistamines, alcohol solutions, oils, powders, fermented milk bacteria, fatty creams.
  • Creating the optimum temperature in the crumb room (approximately 18-21 Cº).

Lovely moms, be attentive to your healthand the state of the baby. If your little one is sick, do not worry, because many things are curable today, including a rash on the face of an infant. Pay attention to how the baby reacts to food, contact with new clothes, and also pass the examination in time for the pediatrician.

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