/ Chopping knives for meat. Knives for boning and cutting meat

Chopping knives for meat. Knives for boning and cutting meat

In every kitchen, regardless of the number of membersfamily and culinary mastery level of the hostess, you can meet at least several types of knives. Most often, when it comes to household use, they differ only in size and visually. But in fact, the choice of this habitual use of the object is much more important than it seems at first glance. The most important thing is to remember that taking into account the norms of sanitation for cutting each type of product must have its own, separate option, such as a knife for cutting meat.

Basic types of knives and their characteristics

cutting knives for meat

Depending on the purpose, size, shapeand the material used to make the blade and handle, there are a huge number of them: for bread, cleaning and slicing vegetables and, of course, cutting knives for meat. To make the best choice, you need to define your needs and know at least the main characteristics and parameters of each model.

For example, for bread it is recommended to choose a devicewith a serrated blade. Very often it seems that without such a model in the kitchen can do, but we all know that the most positive final result is possible only with observance of trifles.

The device for cleaning and slicing vegetables more oftenis represented by variants of medium length. This applies to both the blade and the handle. Thin models, often slightly curved and pointed toward the end, help to better remove even the thinnest skin from the processed product and cut it with the right slices.


A universal option - the so-called chefThe knife is slightly wider and longer than the previous model. He perfectly copes with the most common types of slicing in the kitchen in everyday life. It can be cheese, sausage, bread, etc.

Gastronomic, or a knife for cutting meat - the largest. Due to the powerful structure, a smaller amount of power and time is required from man for processing meat and fish.

For each product - its own device

A separate cutting knife for meatshould be in every kitchen. And it should be used only for its intended purpose. No matter how carefully the dishes and cutlery washed out after work, including the one under consideration, microparticles of products that have not yet been subjected to heat treatment can be washed out after work, and because of this they can cause very serious poisoning and even lead to a lethal outcome.

Raw meat and blood during cutting are left afteryourself microbes of various etiologies, completely destroy which can only be boiled dishes for a few minutes. Of course, no one does this after working with raw produce, and if the knife is one, then after the meat, even before washing it, cut them bread or vegetables and fruits is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, unpleasant consequences are guaranteed.

If the cutting knives for meat are used only in the work with the raw form of the specified product and are not used anymore for anything, the problems are completely excluded.

Take care of the safety of your family

The ingress of harmful microorganisms, of course,and it remains quite possible, especially when it comes to the handle of a knife, but if all the products for which this cutlery was used will later undergo a full-scale heat treatment, the family will be completely safe. Knives for boning meat can be used to handle other groups of products, but it is better to avoid it. Do not use all the members of the family with one toothbrush, and with cutlery - everything that concerns cooking, must be individual for each type of product.

Of course, ideally it would be nice to have not only a separate cutting knife, but also a ditch for cutting operations.

If finances permit, you can purchase verymany such devices, differing in size, type of metal, purpose and other, but still it is more convenient to buy several options that completely satisfy the needs of the owner and perform remarkably well.

Types of cutting knives

knives for meat, professional

To date, the following meat knives are used, the professional qualities of which are excellent for performing the tasks assigned to them:

  • collateral;
  • housing;
  • axes;
  • sneakers.

If it is a large piece or even acutting off a whole animal carcass, in such a work, the meat knife will simply be indispensable, and if more often it is necessary to separate the fillet from the bones, then in this case a model with a thin, long, slightly curved shape and a very sharp blade is best suited. Expanded at the base and slightly narrowed and curved towards the end, it helps, even without special skills, to separate the loin from the bones with maximum productivity and with the least amount of time and effort.

Define the type of purchase in advance

cutting knife

Before you buy knives for meat,whether professional models or intended for widespread use in everyday life, you need to adjust yourself to certain financial costs. Normal quality tableware of this category is purchased for several decades, so the cost is appropriate.

Pay attention to the quality of the blade

knife hatchet for meat

Regardless of the model and main purposethis indispensable in the kitchen of the subject, the quality of the work performed with his help primarily depends on the condition and severity of the blade, and special attention in this regard requires knives for deboning meat. Therefore, the presence of even a house, not to mention the public catering systems, a tool for sharpening superfluous will definitely not be. During its purchase, it is worth paying attention to the alloy of metal laid in its base, because leading to the best results, sharpening in one case when using it for other purposes is able to simply damage the blade of the knife.

The handle is very important

Very often, when choosing cutting knives for meat,the consumer absolutely does not pay attention to the handle. And in vain, because it depends on it not only convenience and comfort in work, but also security. The best among the numerous models deservedly is the one whose handle is the continuation of the blade and completely excludes the possibility of its falling out of it.

A work worthy of praise

Chopping knives for meatonly the separation of it from the bones and the separation of the resulting pieces into batch pieces. The finest cutting with rather large volumes of the processed fillet or ham to obtain the desired result must be carried out quickly, but very qualitatively. Using the device suitable for this in size, basic characteristics and parameters, even beginners achieve amazing results.

blade of knife

Small secrets for beginners

To get the best result for housewives, especially beginners, it's worth taking note of the following secrets:

  • for cutting frozen products, the blade must be dipped into hot water and held there for a few seconds;
  • if it is a question of fragile friable products, for example, such as very fresh bread or cake, then it will not hurt to hold a minute or two in the freezer;
  • when cutting onions, it is necessary to dunk the cutlery from time to time in cold running water.

Popular bikes for knives

And, in order to avoid unnecessary money spending, remember:

  • There are no self-sharpening knives. Any blade, even made of innovative and high-quality steel, can not become sharper from cutting bread or vegetables.
  • There is no laser sharpening. Modern science and technology has not yet reached such heights that every second can use a laser to sharpen knives.
  • There are no models made of Damascusbecome. Once upon a time such a type of metal did exist, but over the years the secret of its production was lost and is currently unknown. Very often modern devices are applied a certain pattern, imitating belonging to the antiquity, but under it most often very cheap and substandard products are found.

cutting knives for meat
Chopping knives for meat are importanttools for cooking in any kitchen, unless, of course, it is not a family of vegetarians. The quality of the finished product primarily depends on its preliminary preparation and processing, and specially created to achieve the best result and providing a fast and high quality cutting and cutting of the raw product, the knife helps to cope with this difficult task even for a beginner.

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