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Hookah Syrian: features of design and dignity

Fashion on the eastern culture is growing year by year. One of the objects embodying it is the Syrian shisha. Today it is gaining popularity around the world and is quite accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Perfection of design

Hookahs of Syrian production differ in theirhigh quality, affordable price, but especially striking is their design. Many of them are a sample of real art. This is due to the fact that they are executed and painted by hand. The first thing that catches your eye is elegance, beauty and harmony combined with simplicity. The presence of air drops in the glass flask and even a slight curvature of the neck does not spoil the appearance, emphasizing the fact that we have a product created by the hands of a human.

Hookah Syrian

Each Syrian hookah is individual and carriesthe traditions handed down by the craftsmen from generation to generation. Usually it has a bright color with elements of oriental ornament or other ornaments, so it can become a unique exhibit in any home. Today in Syria, the production of hookahs and specialized factories is established.


A huge number of hookahs and relatedaccessories are exported from Syria to other countries, including Russia. Such demand is explained by their wide variety, which allows satisfying the taste of any buyer.

The metal used to make the minehookah, is a thick stainless steel or brass, decorated with carvings, blackening and metal covering. This affects the cooling of the smoke and the service life. This hookah smokes well, its smoke is distinguished by its softness and high taste qualities.

Syrian Hookah

Hookah Syrian is not only different from the outsideview, but also high quality, functionality. Their dimensions vary from 30 cm to 1.5 meters. The shaft, as a rule, consists of separate parts screwed into each other. Handmade Hookah is easy to distinguish on the traces of welding, the presence of seams. The mine of these products is not disassembled, but is monolithic.

Hookah in high-tech style

New modern technologies have not bypassed andproduction of hookahs. The hookah of Syria, made in the style of hi-tech, is laconic and impeccable. This is an excellent option for decorating a recreation area that is able to create a mood and coziness. It is thanks to aesthetics and functionality that the hookah Syrian hi-tech is popular among stylish hookahs.

All the details of these models are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. Adding LED lighting to the design turns the hookah into a real exclusive.

Accessories for shisha

Included with this product can goall kinds of accessories that add extra convenience. One of them is a disposable mouthpiece that is worn over the main one for the purpose of safety from various infections. He is especially popular in cafes, bars, where a large number of people use a hookah.

Hookah Syrian High Tack

If you have to smoke a Syrian shisha on the street,very opportunely have a cap on the coal. This device can protect from wind and reduce heat loss. In addition, sparks will not scatter around. A special plate is another of the accessories that protects against the precipitation of coal on the floor. Tweezers will help to accurately replace the burnt coal for a new one.

For those who decided to purchase a hookah Syrian for themselves or as a gift, specialized stores can offer a variety of related products for every taste.

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