/ Hookah: device, accessories. Hookah diffuser

Hookah: device, accessories. Hookah diffuser

Many people associate a hookah with the easterna souvenir for smoking tobacco. But recently it has appeared more and more in our lives. Hookah will play an important role at any party. And already, probably, nobody is surprised with this detail in the interior.

The variety of species is great. But not all of them are of high quality. And in order to choose the right one, you need to know how the hookah works.


Hookah as a whole consists of several elements: a bowl, a saucer, a shaft, a valve, a hose, a flask. Each element has its own function.

hookah diffuser

The flask is the one that is poured intoliquid (water, milk, wine). It can be made of glass, plastic, metal. It is recommended to choose a glass flask, which is easy to care for. In addition, the glass does not absorb foreign odors, and through it the level of liquid is visible. But it's better to choose the one whose walls are thicker.

A hollow tube is lowered into the flask, which is acceptedto call a mine. Passing along it, the smoke leaves on its walls all the harmful substances. For convenience, the length of the shaft should be 60-80 cm, but not less than 40-50 cm.

The shaft can be connected to the bulb with a thread or a gasket (rubber sealant). If the thread is damaged, it will be difficult to replace it. Therefore, preference should be given to seals.

At the second end of the mine, a bowl (chilim) is put on. It is packed with tobacco. Top a piece of foil with holes. Up - coal. The bowl is made of metal, ceramic and clay. Preference is given to give the clay details, which best keeps the heat. A little worse in this property is ceramics, but it is more aesthetic.

Just below the bowl is a saucer, whichprotects against the deposition of coals and ash. On it it is possible to lay down tongs and spare coal. Saucer does not perform other tasks, therefore it can be made of different materials.

In the lower part of the shaft, a hose is attached. In order for the smoke to stretch well, the latter must have a sufficient width. There are models with several hoses. Let it be convenient in the company, but not right. A quality hookah can only have one hose. On the opposite side of the valve is located.

Accessories for shisha

In addition to the hookah itself with tobacco and coals, additional accessories are needed. Sometimes they can be included in the kit.

accessories for shisha

For smoking you will need:

  • Tongs to shift the burning coal into the bowl. Usually, at the opposite end, a spoke is attached to pierce the holes in the foil.
  • Foil, which will later be stacked in a bowl between tobacco and coal.
  • Ershiki for cleaning.
  • Mouthpieces - disposable caps on the hose, if you plan to smoke a hookah whole company.
  • Diffuser for shisha, which reduces the buzzing noise of liquid in the flask.
  • A cap for protection from a wind of a bowl with coal (on the nature).

Diffuser for hookah

Among the accessories for hookah is separatelymention the diffuser. This small device reduces the level of "gurgling" of water in the flask. Outwardly, it looks like a cap with holes, which is put on the lower end of the shaft.

silicone diffuser for hookah

The hookah diffuser divides the smoke stream entering the mine, dividing its large bubbles into smaller ones. As a result, they pass through the water more quietly.

Along with this the diffuser for hookah performs several more functions:

  • The traction is eased.
  • Smoke is better filtered out.
  • The smoke cools more.

Silicone cone for hookah can be bought,if it was not included. But you can do it yourself. For these purposes, most often use the egg "kinder-surprise", a thimble, a piece of rubber hose. Further all is intuitively clear and simple. Have a good time!

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