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Choose vibromassazhery? Feedback from users will help you

Let's start with the fact that vibromassagers for the body do notThey will take away extra pounds, their main purpose is not fat burning! Always surprised by the full women who come to the gym, immediately go to the vibro-massage, put on a belt and wait 20 minutes for a miracle. Vibration of fatty folds in no way reduces the size of these folds. Of course, vibrating massagers, reviews about which can be seen on the web, are sometimes very useful. But only a person with excellent health can do it!

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Massagers are contraindicated in people who have suchdiseases like cardiovascular insufficiency, hypertension of the third degree, acute neuroses, tuberculosis, stomach diseases, infectious diseases. We emphasize once again - vibrations have a bad effect on female internal organs, and belts are most often imposed on these zones. People who have atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of the arteries are strictly forbidden to use vibro-massagers.

Variety of vibromassers

Devices have a local or common areaapplication, vary in price, bundle. Devices of general application affect different parts of the body. As a rule - it vibromassazhery on the rack with handrails.

Hand vibro massagers are applied point-by-point, theylight and compact. In the complete set more often there are some nozzles equipped with massaging heads. The users of the drugs claim that vibratory massagers, which have positive reviews, are able to use almost all muscles. Condition one - the device should be used constantly.

Approvals of professionals

vibromassazher for the body

The vibrations of the device improve blood circulation. They are useful for people who are fond of fitness (help to remove lactic acid). The pain in the muscles from exercising, thanks to the massagers, goes much faster. These drugs remove the so-called "orange peel", but they are not able to pump muscle mass and split fats. However, vibro-massagers are a good help for those trying to lose weight. Reviews of people claim this advantage devices. They improve the condition of the skin, providing and improving the flow of blood.

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Massage actually improves the localcirculation. However, the human machine can not be replaced with a machine. Automatic tape works can harm in places where the hands of a professional masseur are simply needed. Especially easy to damage the spine. Whatever you say, but vibromassazhery, reviews of which are available and with a negative evaluation, with long use can provoke back pain. The tape of the device destroys the hard tissue of the spinal column.

There are specialists who say thatVibromassagers with prolonged use help to lose weight, but a large number of contraindications negates these positive assessments. Therefore, it is worth consulting with a doctor before stepping under the tape of the massage machine. In any case, it's up to you!

Take care of yourself and be well!

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