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Children's car on the battery - which one to buy?

Children's car on the battery like many peopleparents, because it is able to serve a sufficiently long period and does not require any additional investment. Developers of such toys, moving with the help of batteries, create them in such a way that the child can make a trip or a trip in his own car.


Electric car, both boys and girlsperceive as a real transport, because you can move on your own. The car on the battery for children is able to develop the child's attention and responsibility. Today, toy stores have a wide range and a huge variety of electric vehicles, which differ not only in functionality, but also in size and power of the battery.

Children's car on the battery

How to make a choice

When choosing a machine on a battery,pay attention to the voltage parameters. They can be equal to 6, 12, 24 volts. In stores you can find 6 and 12 V batteries. In order for an electric car working from 24 volts to be able to move, you need to install two 12 volt lithium batteries. Another important attribute is the battery capacity, which is measured in amperes and hours. For example, one baby car on the battery will go exactly as much as the charger will allow. In order for the machine to travel much longer, it is necessary to purchase a battery with a large capacity.

Battery selection

When buying a battery, you must chooseits correct size, since it can not fit in an electric car, and then the children's car on the battery will not move. The charger must be firmly attached to the vehicle.

Machines on the battery
Buying a battery, it is worth paying attention toat the date of manufacture of the battery. If the expiration date is out, the car will run poorly and unstable. This is because the battery has expended its capacity. Any device that has a certificate has certain operating rules. After buying a new battery, it must be 100% charged. It's best to put the battery on charge all night.


After the baby car on the batterywas used, the battery needs to be charged again. If it has not been used for a long time, it must be recharged at least once a month. When installing the battery on an electric vehicle, make sure that the terminals are not confused, otherwise a short circuit will occur.

Car battery for children
It is strictly forbidden to completely dischargecharger, otherwise the operating cycle of the battery will be reduced several times. Best if you have a spare battery. It will help to avoid inconvenience. Do not operate the electric vehicle in wet weather. If you pour water on the machine, the fuses will burn, and the battery will fail. The electric vehicle can be operated only in sunny weather. In frosty days, you should not take it out on the street, otherwise the plastic will become stiff and can burst, and the battery will freeze quickly. Do not overload the car. That is, if the machine is designed for a child weighing 25 kg, you do not need to allow a teenager weighing 45 kg to sit in it. If you comply with all the rules for the operation of the electric vehicle, it will last a fairly long period of time.

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