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Menu of the 8-month-old child. What and how to enter?

The menu of the 8-month-old child should already be quitediverse. The diet of a baby who is on artificial feeding is significantly different from "breastfeeding", since the first lure is introduced 1 month earlier: instead of the prescribed 6 months - at 5. At this age the child should already get acquainted with many products.

8 month old baby menu

An indicative list of products introduced by month

  1. The first product to be introduced into the baby's diet in 5-6 months is vegetables.
  2. At 6-7 months of age, depending on the method of feeding, porridge is introduced, preferably milk-cereals, cooked alone or bought at a children's store.
  3. In 7-8 months are introduced dairy products - kefir, cottage cheese.
  4. In 8-9 - meat, fruit.
  5. 9-10 - fish of low-fat varieties.

The remaining feedings should be replaced with breast milk or an adapted mixture.

All products in the menu are 8-monthan artificial child or a baby is introduced gradually, beginning with a quarter teaspoonful. Further, if there were no unexpected reactions, you can give twice as much, and so to the necessary rate.


8 month old artificial child's menu
If you decide to enter the menu for an 8-month-old babymeat, it is more appropriate to start with the broth. Your baby at this age should already eat all kinds of vegetables, so grind them and add to chicken broth. Further, if there are no problems, try to add the rubbed meat to the soup the next day. After a week you can mix it with porridge or vegetable puree.

Start better with chicken, rabbit, veal,beef - they are less fatty and more susceptible. Meat is necessary for a growing child's body, because it contains amino acids, fats, animal proteins, mineral salts and many necessary vitamins.


After a week, try giving the baby a yolk of a chicken egg. Start with quarters, then increase the dose. It should be remembered that up to a year the whole yolk to give the child is undesirable.

Fruits in the menu of an 8-month-old baby

8 month old baby mosquito
Komarovsky Evgeny Olegovich, the famous children'sthe doctor, recommends to enter fruit exactly when the baby showed the first tooth, but not up to 6 months. It is not necessary to start with juices, it is better to give the child a baked or grated apple. Then expand the diet by offering the baby a banana, then you can try apricot, etc. Enter first a teaspoon and watch the reaction. Do not at this age give too allergenic products, for example, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, etc. In a few days, you can offer the kid a compote of fruits or dried fruits.

Remember that fruit puree does not replace basic food, but is given in addition to basic food.

What can be more varied menu for an 8-month-old child?

In the curd, you can add low-fat sour cream andcrushed cookies. In the soup - a two-day bread. If a baby has gnawing gums, offer him a rusk, bread crust or a bagel, this should surely please him.

But what about the basic nutrition (I meanmother's breast or an adapted mixture)? If mom still wants to feed her milk, then let her feed at least a year, after a year it already has no biological meaning for the child. As for the menu of the 8-month-old artificial child, milk formulas are not worse than cow's milk, so they can be fed up to 2 and up to 3 years.

8-9 month old children's menu
At this age, you can start giving a childsemolina porridge. You, probably, will be surprised, but this kind of porridge should not be introduced into the baby's diet until the age of 8 months due to the content of gliadin (gluten) in it. In rare cases, this substance can provoke quite serious bowel diseases.

Sample menu for an 8-month-old baby

1 feeding (6-7 hours): an adapted mixture or mother's breast.

2 feeding (9-10 hours): cottage cheese with banana and cookies - 100 g, kefir - 110 g.

3 feeding (13-14 hours): vegetable soup with meat broth or with grated meat - 180 g, bread - 5 g, half-yolk, fruit juice - 50 g.

4 feeding (17-18 hours): puree from vegetables - 160 g, fruit puree - 40 g, compote of dried fruit or fruit - 50 g.

5 feeding (21-22 hours): porridge with the addition of milk and fruits - 180 g.

Than to drink?

It should be remembered that tap water or boiled watergive the baby is not worth it. The first one is due to pathogenic bacteria, the latter is due to precipitated salts that will not benefit the baby. Therefore, it is more reasonable to buy mineral water specially designed for children. It must be non-carbonated. If there is no opportunity to purchase such water, then prepare a raisin broth, which quickly cleans it. To do this, 1 tablespoon of raisins pour a glass of freshly boiled water. Allow to stand for several minutes, bring to the desired temperature and give the child.

The main thing that you should pay attention to -gradualness and patience. Enter products in the menu of 8-9 month old child should be very careful, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the baby. If you notice any problems in the form of rashes on the skin or unusual stools, stop entering the product unfamiliar to the child and postpone it to a later date. Do not give candy, chocolate, sausage, juice, sparkling water at this age to the kid, explain to grandmothers that the liver at this age is not yet fully developed and any violation of nutrition can lead to irreversible consequences. Know the measure and rely on your maternal intuition.

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