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Do you have a paracord? What it is?

50-60 years ago very few people knew about the paracord. What is it - the first experienced the military. It was for them, and developed a thin cord-cable of synthetic fibers. First, it was tested by paratroopers, but immediately migrated to all branches of military affairs. Why the paracord is so popular, what it is in general, an uninitiated person may not understand. And this is an incredibly strong cable. It consists of a core woven of seven thin nylon yarns, and on top of them restrains and protects the nylon braid. This structure and composition of the cord make it durable, mobile, soft and versatile in use.

paracord what it is

Where is the paracord used?

Paracord properties quickly made it popularnot only among the military, but also in many spheres of life. It was appreciated by tourists, fishermen, hunters, travelers-extremals, and just economically skillful people.

Each in its own way uses a cord, satisfyingneeds and solving various problems. It is impossible to imagine a man who is going on a hike and will not take a paracord with him. What is this necessary invention is not so easy to understand, but what else can help to equip the lodging for the night, get food, tie up things?

Flight with birds

parachute sling

Who will argue that skydiving isquite a dangerous occupation? While shaking your head down from a huge height, a person should be absolutely sure that the parachute itself and the individual elements are absolutely safe, serviceable and will work the way it should.

Parachute sling is an element not less important,than the dome itself. Paracord, from which the lines are made, can withstand enormous loads. It is light and not subject to stretching and other deformations. All these properties contribute to the fact that the parachute slings will last for a year or two. When creating normal conditions for storing equipment for jumping from height, it will more than once please the desperate daredevils who dream of flying in height.

What is the Paracord?

Initially, the paracord was not very largediversity. Manufacturers at its creation guided the purpose of creating a cable, which would have, above all, the necessary characteristics. But with its popularization it was necessary to expand the assortment line.

Now there are 6 different species thatdiffer in thickness. But the greatest popularity was gained by a nylon cable named "Paracord-550". It is used by both military and civilians most often.

nylon rope

But apart from the thickness, the paracord is distinguished by its colors. It can be muffled dark tones to ensure invisibility. Bright colors can also be found easily, such a rope is used for crafts, creating insignia and other purposes.

I would like to single out separately the luminescent andreflective paracord. These two types are a real treasure for tourists, because they can be used in the dark, and to tie a knot, to protect the territory at night will not be difficult.

Paracord Products

Inventive people come up with the mostthe original ways of using things, did not bypass this fate and parakord. What it is, is known not only by people who use it for their intended purpose - as a rope or part of uniforms.

Broad use and new lifegot thanks to the possibility of creating from him the most amazing things. These can be handmade ornaments, leashes, belts, key rings. They very often braid the arms of cold and firearms, axes and other tools.

And already created from thin veins, taken from the core of the cable, hammocks, fishing nets, bows will be useful for any tourist-extreme.

Useful ornaments

This is absolutely incompatible with the technological thing(at first glance), but for a paracord justified one hundred percent. After all, it is from him that we weave the so-called "life bracelets". The technique of weaving is such that belts, bracelets and other items can be disbanded in a fraction of a second into a rather long cable, the application of which will always be found. By the way, breaking a paracord is very difficult, almost impossible. It dries quickly and safely tolerates temperature changes and increased humidity.

paracord price

And the variety of jewelry is amazing. This can be austere laconic men's accessories, and lovely women's earrings, and necklaces, and even clutches.

Wholesale cheaper!

In addition, the cost of the miracle cord is quite small. How much does the parachord cost? The price is quite affordable, but depends on who the manufacturer is. Most often it is Chinese and American. The products of the latter are more expensive. They sell it in coils and in meters. The more you take, the lower the cost.

The simplest color paracord without specificadditives are sold at 15 rubles per one running meter, if you take the entire skein immediately. And in the case where you do not need much, you can order a cut (from 5 meters). But then he will already be 20 rubles each. In the amount of the purchase you need not forget to include the cost of delivery, if the order is made in the online store.

You still have not bought parachord hammers? Quickly to the store!

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