/ Why does the newborn have a pain in the stomach?

Why does the newborn have a pain in the stomach?

Most young parents facethe problem of what hurts the newborn's stomach. The kid screams for an hour, pulls his legs to his tummy or, on the contrary, straightens them and strains them. His face turns red and his fists clench. Parents experience torture together with a crumb, trying to help him with all their strength. Why does the abdomen hurt in newborns? In most cases, the baby is disturbed by intestinal colic caused by gassing in the still undeveloped gastrointestinal tract of crumbs.

hurts the newborn stomach

How to prevent?

Most often the attack of colic begins in half an hourafter eating, but sometimes during feeding the child behaves restlessly. The main reason is the immaturity of the baby's gastrointestinal system. Enzymes are formed in insufficient quantity, the walls of the intestine poorly contract, this leads to stagnation of food and gas formation. However, the disease can be troubling for other reasons. Among them:

  1. A sharp abolition of breastfeeding and the transition to artificial nutrition, or frequent changes in the mixture, which exerts an additional burden on the baby's intestines.

  2. Another factor, due to which the newborn has pain in the abdomen is a wrong grip of the nipple or an incorrect angle of attachment to the breast.

  3. If the baby is breastfed, check the nipple. If the hole is too large, then the natural process of feeding is disturbed, and the child swallows the air.

  4. If the baby is breast-feeding, momshould review their food. From the menu you need to exclude cheese and milk, and sour-milk products, on the contrary, crumbs will help. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten better in stewed, boiled or baked form. Should be discarded any varieties of cabbage, beans, grapes, mayonnaise, smoked products, caffeine.

    why the stomach hurts in newborns

How to help?

If the stomach hurts the newborn, then this problem can not be solved in an instant, it will have to be experienced. But you can try to alleviate the suffering of the baby. Here are a few ways:

  1. More often spread the baby on his tummy on a hard surface. And it's better to put a crumb on your stomach, the warmth of your mother will help a little to relax.

  2. After feeding, the baby must regurgitate. To do this, raise it vertically and slowly stroke the backrest.

  3. Do not feed your baby if he is swollentummy, you first need to get rid of the gazik. To do this, press the knees of the crumb to the tummy, then straighten the legs and repeat again. Such an exercise should help.

  4. a newborn has a strong stomachache

    Regular massage will also help reduce pain. You should stroke the tummy baby clockwise, even when it does not hurt.

  5. During an attack, colic swinging on the hands will calm the baby's nervous system.

If the newborn has a strong stomachache, thenyou can try to give him a remedy based on simethicone. Such drugs temporarily reduce pain, reduce gas formation, are not absorbed into the blood and are not addictive. Herbal teas: fennel, anise, caraway, and chamomile will also help reduce pain. Usually, after three to four months, intestinal colic stops disturbing the baby.

If the newborn has a stomach and high temperature is observed, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible in order to establish the true cause of the disease.

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