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Officers' belts: description, purpose

The belt became part of the military outfitseveral centuries ago. Without this important element of uniforms, it is impossible to imagine either an ordinary soldier or a commander. Army belts distinguish by purpose, color, texture, buckle, and also depending on the military rank. Usually they are divided into two types - soldier and commander. Now we are talking about an officer belt.

belts for officers


Officers' belts are designed for commander'scomposition. They are manufactured strictly according to the specifications approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. The material is painted natural through the skin, always high-quality, thick and strong, the army belt is designed for significant loads. Officers' belts have the following characteristics:

  1. The length is from 110 to 140 cm. According to the dimensional grid, four sizes are provided depending on the waist circumference: the first (from 83 to 98 cm), the second (from 93 to 108 cm), the third (from 100 to 115 cm), the fourth (from 113 to 125 cm).

  2. The width of the product is usually 50 mm, although other options are not excluded.

  3. The officer's leather belt can be without lining or lined with yufti. It can be smooth or stitched.

  4. The most noticeable element of the belt is a buckle, which is made of steel or brass. It can be with the image of the symbols of the state, the army or without it.

  5. The color is strictly regulated: black or brown.

  6. Modern army belts are black, fastened with a bimetallic two-piece buckle.

  7. The ceremonial copies are made of yellow braid and are equipped with a brass buckle.

belt officer's leather


The officer's belt as military equipment has a purely practical purpose:

  • keeps his pants;

  • serves for fixing a field bag, a holster with a weapon, a gas mask, a flask with water, other equipment;

  • It is used as a kisten: during the melee, the free end is wound around the arm and, making certain movements, try to strike the opponent with a buckle.

Officers' belts are in demand nowadaysand on a citizen. They fell in love with tourists, fishermen, hunters, lovers of active recreation. You can wear various items on the belt, including heavy objects. He performs the role of rope, excellently copes with heavy loads and withstands the weight of several people. Army belt - an indispensable thing in the hike.

officer belt
It's no wonder that such a stylish thingliked modern mods and women of fashion who prefer wearing military style. Particular attention was paid to copies of the times of the Soviet Union with brass buckles with a star.


Officers' belts have advantages overusual. Unlike the latter, they are made according to ancient technologies of good quality leather, they are very durable, they are not afraid of moisture, oil of guns, ultraviolet rays, they retain their original appearance for many years, they have a stylish appearance, they never go out of fashion. Today you can buy both a copy of the times of the USSR, and modern. The price for a new belt is from 350 to 1100 rubles.

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