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How to make a decorative bezel with ears for a children's holiday and an adult masquerade?

Dressing games like all children withoutexceptions. The problem is that the fancy dress costumes of factory production are not cheap, and sometimes it is very difficult to find the outfit of a certain character. To resolve this situation is actually quite easy - if you wish, many carnival accessories can be made by yourself. An interesting idea is a rim with ears, an ornament that, in combination with makeup and make-up, can replace a full costume.

Necessary materials and tools

To create a carnival rim you will needbase - a simple hoop (it is more convenient to take a thin one), preferably in the color of the hair. Prepare also pieces of fabric, fur and decorative elements - beads, rhinestones. You can make a bezel with ears and cardboard, but then your craft will most likely be disposable. To keep the textile ears in the correct position, prepare a wire of medium thickness. To create such an accessory, you can also use completely non-standard materials, for example, leather, suede or a substitute for it. Accordingly, you will need the following tools: nippers, scissors, needle and thread in the color of the selected fabric.

Rims with cardboard ears

Bezel with cat ears
If you do not know how to sew, or an element of carnivalcostume must be done very quickly, you can use cardboard or very strong colored paper. Draw on the paper ears the right size and shape. Transfer the template to the cardboard and make an allowance at the bottom about 1 cm. Cut out the finished ears (two pieces for one - front and back), glue the workpieces together. Excess strip of cardboard (allowance) must be bent outward. When the glue dries, the prepared ears can be glued to the rim so that their tips point upwards. Wait for complete drying, and your masquerade accessory is ready. To improve and make more interesting such a bezel with ears can be, decorating the base - wrap it with tape or glue it with fur. The very ears can be made bicolour, using the technique of applique, or decorate with rhinestones and beads.

How to make cat's ears?

Mouse ears on the rim
Costume kittens often try on not onlysmall girls, but also quite adult women. What is especially nice - you can make it yourself with your own hands very quickly and simply. Prepare small pieces of fur or fabric and base. How to make a bezel with cat ears? It's very simple: from the selected material you need to find 4 triangles. Then sew them in pairs from both sides and turn them out. If the ears are small, they are sufficiently elastic enough to fill with a sintepon or other filler, and they will keep the shape. After packing, put the finished elements on the rim and sew them at the bottom, thus fixing them on the base. If the ears are large enough, you can strengthen them with a wire frame. An interesting idea is to make the triangles two-colored. You can also use a combination of fur and smooth material, imitating the real cat's ear. The basis can also be wrapped in cloth in tone. The ring with the cat's ears can become the base for the whole costume. Sew a tail on an elastic band and fur mitts or bracelets on your hands - and you can go to a party.

Any beast is ready for half an hour!

By a similar principle, it is possible to manufacture a part forsuit almost any animal. Try to make the ears of the mouse on the rim, monkey, dog or lion. Making one accessory will take you no more than half an hour, but the result, definitely, will please all members of the family. Using the technique described above, you can reincarnate to each matinee, masquerade or home costume party. Bezel with ears is not only a child's accessory, but also an excellent solution for adult costume events. Be creative, try to make animals such as deer or cow - it's not difficult to cut out horns from a dense fabric like fleece.

Hare's ears from lace

Ears of a bunny on a rim
Not so long ago lace masks entered into fashion andother decorative openwork accessories for face and head. How to make ears bunny on the rim of lace? Such a carnival decoration, popular among modern girls and women, is actually quite easy to make by yourself. Start by making the frame. Bend from the wire two ears of a suitable size. Leave a small margin at the ends. Tighten the workpieces with a lace cloth. After that, fix the prepared ears with wire ends on the rim. Carefully bend the ends of the wire so that it does not cling or scratch. Then wrap the bezel with tape or cloth. Your hoop is almost ready, you can complete it with a lace veil. This element is simply sewn to the base. In this technique, you can make and any other ears, such as feline. The old bezel can be decorated in any other way. Try to make a decorative crown, a hat or some other figure. Good luck!

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