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Rashes on the elbows of a child: the causes of the appearance and tactics of treatment

When there are any, even minorrashes on the baby's body, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. But even their many years of experience is not enough to establish the cause of such manifestations. But a rash on the body can appear as a result of an allergic reaction to some products, materials, household chemicals, and because of a viral disease. The doctor should assess the condition of the child, consider red spots, if necessary, send for tests and only then prescribe treatment.

Rashes on the child's elbows

If you see a rash on your child's elbows,perhaps it is just a manifestation of the sweating. But do not treat it negligently. If improper care is very quickly in place of rare red dots can appear painful soaked sores. The best method of combating chalk is frequent bathing, air baths and dusting of the affected areas with powder.

Rash on
But often the rash on the elbows in a child can bea sign of a child's infectious disease. For example, with rubella there may be both large and small spots. But they will not be localized exclusively on the elbows, very quickly the rash will cover the entire body of the baby. In addition, this disease is accompanied by fever, reddening of the throat, inflammation of the lymph nodes. It is necessary to treat it under the supervision of a doctor. But even experienced pediatricians without special tests sometimes find it difficult to diagnose, because it happens that rubella begins as an ordinary infectious disease or sore throat, and the rash may appear only on the second day. As a result, often the baby is treated for a cold and gives anti-allergic drugs, from which there is no visible effect.

Rashes on the elbows of a child may occur inthe result of infection with other infectious diseases: measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever, enterovirus infection or mononucleosis. But with them rashes cover the entire body, and the patient also has other symptoms of infection with viruses.

If you notice a rash on your child's elbows, thentry to spread it faster. The use of the same iodine or zelenka can lubricate the clinical picture, and the diagnosis will become problematic.

Rashes on the skin photo
Often, various eruptions indicateallergic reaction. By the way, they can be accompanied by difficulty breathing, swelling of the mucous and itching of the skin. But taking special medications and lack of contact with the allergen helps to get rid of the problem quickly enough.

Rashes on the skin, photos of which sometimes causemums and dads of horror, must be shown to the doctor. Only he can assess the condition of the child, consider the rash in detail, understand where it is localized, and prescribe the appropriate treatment. After all, the actions of the pediatrician for allergies, viral illness or chronic eczema will vary significantly. If he finds it difficult to determine the diagnosis, then, most likely, he will send you to take tests. With their help you can determine what caused the appearance of stains in the baby, and pick up the most appropriate treatment tactics.

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