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Stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport: customer reviews and description

Choose a stroller for walkingjust. There are a lot of models. Interesting is the stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport. This child's vehicle attracts the attention of many parents. But what exactly? Is this stroller as good as it seems? Or is it better to find something else for walks? What are the pros and cons of her?

stroller happy baby neon sport

Custom design

Choose a stroller is not easy. Especially if you have a first child, and you do not understand the characteristics of children's transport. What should I pay attention to in the first place?

Not the most important, but significant componentbecome design. Stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport looks unusual. After all, she only has 1 front wheel. A walking block is somewhat like a car seat.

In the rest there are no complaints. Except for a slightly non-standard chassis and block, the view of the stroller without frills. Colors are diverse, which pleases buyers. You can find strollers for every taste. Just remember: they will be one-color. Happy Baby Neon Sport stroller attracts looks. This is a real gift for those who are used to follow fashion.

Traffic on roads

The wheels require special attention. They are extremely important, they should be looked at first. Manufacturer "Happy Baby" has allocated the goods only 3 wheels: one in front, 2 behind.

stroller happy baby neon sport

The front component is turning, the rear is not. These are inflatable wheels that ensure smooth traffic on the roads. A stroller is suitable for both summer walks and winter trips. The only drawback is that it is not very convenient to control the structure on the ground, especially in mud.

But the "Happy Happy" stroller is maneuverable. It pleases parents with the simplicity of management and smooth running. On uneven surfaces, the construction does not shake, you can not worry about the baby's dream.

Disadvantages of the wheels are. Firstly, the stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport reviews do not get the best for the fact that inflatable components from time to time have to be pumped up with the help of a deposit. Secondly, because of the wide wheelbase in most elevators, the construction does not pass. You only have to get up the stairs on the stairs.

Safety and quality

An important point is the walking block. He is responsible for the comfort of the child. In this area, parents have no complaints - children are really comfortable with this design. Stroller "Heppy Baby Babe Neons Sport" is equipped with an adjustable backrest with 3 positions and five-point seat belts. So the child does not fall out even when making steep maneuvers.

stroller happy baby neon sport reviews

Before the baby has a removable crossbar-bumper. At any time you can unhook it or put it back in the construction. For parents, the stroller is also convenient. She has a height-adjustable handle. So, your growth is not important. The stroller can be easily "adjusted" for you. Everything is for the convenience of parents and a child.

Also at the bottom of the stroller is locateda spacious shopping basket. Stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport (photo it is presented) earns for it not the best reviews. Yes, the basket is large, but its position is not too convenient. Especially when the back of the walking unit is completely lowered. The material from which the basket is made is a mesh. It is quickly wiped off, the big weight does not maintain.

In the rest "Happy" is in demand. Some parents are sometimes deterred by the price. On average, this design will cost 13-14 thousand rubles. Not too much, but most refuse this product. All this is due to the not very good wheel alignment, as well as the cumbersome design. Weigh the stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport about 13 kilograms. It is very much for a walking structure.

Main characteristics

In general, parents are satisfied with the acquisition,although the majority of buyers indicate that it is always possible to choose another design option. Which stroller Happy Baby Neon Sport features, in addition to the already known moments? What do you usually pay attention to?

The assembly is good - you are offered:

  • mosquito net;
  • cup holder;
  • raincoat;
  • a visor from the sun;
  • a bag for children's things;
  • a warm cloak on the feet of the child.

stroller happy baby neon sport photo

The chassis has a very convenient folding mechanism. In the folded position, the construction takes up little space, but it has an unstable position. So you have to think about how to store the stroller. The final decision is yours!

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