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Pregnancy after drug abortion is possible?

The birth of a child is a miracle. But there are situations when something goes wrong, and the gift of fate threatens the health and life of a woman. Pregnancy in this case, doctors recommend to interrupt. How should a woman behave before and after abortion, and what should I do to get another chance at having children?

Early abortion

If you yourself came to this decision consciously -it is better not to rush into actions and everything is good to think about more than once. The loss of a child, even if unborn, is a heavy burden for a woman for life. You may not yet realize this, and it seems that abortion is the best solution, but it will not always be so. Life will certainly change, and the fact that today scares you so much, after that can become an unrealizable dream, because the consequences of the interruption of pregnancy are unpredictable. And there is no woman on the planet who would not regret her abortion.

Pregnancy after drug abortion

If you are in a situation where yourThe attending physician recommends interrupting the pregnancy, it is better to listen to this advice. Before making such a verdict, doctors evaluate all possible risks for the baby and his mother, and only if the threat is really great, the pregnancy is interrupted.

Advantages of pharma abortion

In the early term, doctors recommend usingpharmaceutical preparations to interrupt pregnancy. After the medical abortion of pregnancy, compared with other methods, the damage to a woman's health decreases significantly. This is due to a number of indicators:

  • there is no need for anesthesia;
  • reproductive organs are not damaged by surgical instruments;
  • the fetal egg is expelled from the womb in a natural way;
  • psychologically tolerated better;
  • reduces the risk of infection and inflammation;
  • the organism is more quickly restored;
  • The chances of pregnancy after a medical abortion are significantly higher.

How does medical abortion occur?

A woman must undergo a full medicalexamination to identify possible contraindications or other diseases. If there are no restrictions, medical abortion is prescribed. Tablets are given by a doctor, they are administered under the supervision of a specialist. To buy such drugs in pharmacies is impossible, they are received only by specialized medical workers who have the appropriate permission.

became pregnant immediately after the abortion

The effect of the drug is peelingshell of the fetus and removing it from the body. Muscles of the uterus begin to shrink, an artificial miscarriage occurs. Control specialist and further examination are strictly required to identify possible deviations and timely provision of medical care.

Contraindications to abortion

Only an expert can prescribe an abortion after undergoing all medical tests, and only if the patient is healthy. A woman may not be shown a medical abortion if:

  • pregnancy ectopic or terms longer than 6 weeks;
  • pregnancy occurred during the period of use of the spiral;
  • there are diseases of the genital organs and digestive system, myoma of the uterus;
  • chronic or acute liver and kidney disease;
  • use of corticosteroids;
  • drug intolerance;
  • anemia, porphyria, hemostasis disorder;
  • breast-feeding.

medical abortion tablets

After abortion

The organism experiences the strongest stress, ifhad to interrupt pregnancy. After a medical termination of pregnancy, a woman must fully concentrate on her health and recovery. The attending physician will prescribe an additional intake of drugs and vitamins to improve health, but the patient herself must follow certain simple rules:

  • It is recommended to delay sexual activity for a while, ideally - until the end of the next menstruation. This will protect the body from possible infections and protect against the onset of a new pregnancy.
  • The specialist will prescribe contraceptives. Pregnancy, the field of medical abortion can occur soon, even before the appearance of menstruation.
  • Limit exercise and strong physical activity for at least a couple of weeks. Muscles of the uterus should come in a tonus and get stronger.
  • At first, it is not worth visiting the swimming pools,bathe in water and take a sessile bath. A warm shower will not allow the bacteria to penetrate into the weakened organism and minimize the development of infections.
  • Full and timely nutrition will help restore strength. Eat more protein and fiber. An additional intake of vitamins will be prescribed by a doctor.
  • Refuse to drink alcohol, especially if you are additionally prescribed a course of antibiotics.
  • Strictly observe personal hygiene. Underwear should be free, no synthetics. Change the daily pads more often and remember that during this period the body is weakened, the slightest infection can lead to a serious illness. Dress warmly, avoid drafts.
  • At the slightest deterioration of thecontact a specialist. It is recommended to visit a doctor mammologist and psychotherapist, especially if this was the first medical abortion. A specialist will help you get out of depression, avoid disruptions, and they are not uncommon, especially if abortion was a forced measure.

after medical abortion, conceive

Two strips?

It happens that soon after the interruptionPregnant woman passes the test and sees two strips, which is often frightening. In this case, a positive test can be misinterpreted, it does not mean that the woman became pregnant immediately after the abortion.

The test determines the presence of a hormone in the urine, whichappears due to the formation and function of the placenta. After the ejection of the fetal egg, the hormonal background begins to recover, but it happens slowly. A few weeks after the procedure, tests can show positive results, after pharmo-abortion this happens often.

It will be better if a woman turns to a specialist. After a little research, he can dispel fears or reveal the fact of a progressing pregnancy. Probability is very small - 2-5%, but still it exists.

Again, pregnant

after medical abortion

Even if the first abortion was forced, andthe long-awaited child did not come into the world, with the second pregnancy it is necessary to wait. A woman can conceive after abortion very quickly, but in a short time the body can not recover enough and is not able to give the full nutrition and protection to the fetus.

Common complications: threat of interruption and miscarriage or fading, ectopic pregnancy, abnormal fetal development and placenta location, rhesus-sensitization and others. If the pregnancy has come, and the opportunity and the desire to keep it is quite large, it is worth constantly being under the supervision of a specialist.

Planning a baby

Chances for every woman after medicationAbortion is purely individual. They depend solely on the body, and no one can predict its behavior in advance. However, it is necessary to plan and strive for re-conception. Medical abortion is considered the most sparing, however, and after its carrying out there can be difficulties.

consequences of abortion

Gynecologists recommend planning pregnancyhalf a year after the pharmo-abortion. During this period, the body and the hormonal background completely stabilize. It is important to approach the planning competently and prepare well for both the future mother and father.

Tell your doctor about what you want to havebaby, and, strictly adhering to the recommendations, start training. Future parents will be assigned a full examination for the presence of diseases and infections, you need to pass tests for hormones and check the endocrine system. All diseases must be cured, and the body's immunity and strength are as functional as possible. Give up bad habits, eat right, walk on the open air, take vitamins. Moral calm is extremely important, even such a trifle, at first glance, like depression, can become an obstacle to pregnancy.

Waiting for pregnancy

the first medical abortion

Pregnancy after drug interruptionpregnancy may not come at the first attempt. The most frequent problems faced by couples are the impossibility of conceiving or bearing a child. Often this fact depresses the female psyche even more and reduces the chances to zero. In such moments, the support of close people and the belief that there will certainly be children's laughter is extremely important. It may be necessary to resort to substantial medical assistance in the search for a solution to the problem. Some couples struggle for the appearance of the baby takes more than one year, but often ends in victory.

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