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How to cut a newborn's nails: recommendations and features

Manicure is not only one of the most popularservices of beauty salons, but also the necessary hygienic procedure. Nail care should begin almost from birth. In most modern maternity hospitals young mothers receive recommendations from observing pediatricians. However, when it comes time to apply the advice received in practice, not all parents can remember how to cut their nails to a newborn.

The first nail cutting is an event!

All babies are different, some are born with a verylong nails, others on the contrary, barely visible on tiny fingers. Most young mothers, finding themselves at home after discharge from the hospital, tend to take care of the baby as carefully as possible. At this point, the question becomes urgent: when to cut the nails of a newborn for the first time in life?

How to cut a newborn's nails

Most importantly - do not rush, trim the tipsnail plates for the first time can be no earlier than on the 10th day of life of the child. It is even better to wait for the baby to be about two weeks old. The thing is that the baby is born with very thin nails. Trying to cut them before they get stronger, you run the risk of harming your baby. But what if the baby was born with very long nails and is scratched? Get special "mittens-scratches", they are like socks, worn on pens. This simple wardrobe will help to solve the problem of skin damage.

Manicure set for baby

As a newborn to cut nails, they are the samesmall and fragile? Do not be lazy to buy special manicure tools. Many manufacturers of children's products offer even complete sets of accessories for the care of nipples babies. Manicure scissors for the youngest are distinguished by rounded tips of blades. For children over six months, special tweezers and nail files are also offered.

How to cut nails to a newborn

What to look for when choosing a childmanicure set? Tools should have as thin working surfaces as possible. It is also desirable that the accessories can be easily treated with antiseptics. How can a newborn's nails be cut without special children's tools? If you do not have time to get a manicure kit for babies, the usual manicure scissors will do. It is desirable that their tips were blunt. Keep accessories for the care of the nails of the baby in a separate tight-fitting case. Be sure to treat these tools with an antiseptic solution after each use.

Preparing for the procedure

The success of the procedure depends on the fact,how correctly time will be chosen for its conduct. When can you cut your nails to newborn babies? Many pediatricians are advised to try to do a manicure infants while he sleeps. Most importantly, the baby was calm and relaxed. Some children give their nails to cut right after feeding. Other babies are most restful after bathing. And yet, to cut your nails right after water procedures is not worth it. Wait at least 20-40 minutes. The thing is that when exposed to water, the nail plates and the skin around them softens. Cutting nails immediately after the bath, you can imperceptibly damage the cuticle or skin around the tips of the marigold. Start by preparing for a manicure.

When you can cut nails to newborns

How to properly cut nails to newborn babies,What should I do before the procedure? Mom should wash his hands thoroughly, and even better to wipe them with antiseptic napkins. Tools should be disinfected. Now you can proceed to the most critical part of the procedure.

How to cut nails to a newborn: rules and tips

Before you take on scissors, it should be hardfix finger with fingers of one hand. Try to gently move the skin near the tip of the nail. Scissors, which you hold in the second hand, carefully cut the edge of the nail plate. Do not try to cut off the nail as short as possible. It is recommended to leave a length of about 1-2 mm. On hands it is desirable to round corners of fingernails, and on legs or foots - on the contrary, to leave straight lines. This form will reduce the risk of ingrown edges of the nail plates in the skin.

When it is possible to cut nails to newborns and howoften should this procedure be carried out? Mom recommended to observe the growth rate of marigolds in the baby. Some children need to cut their nails once a month, and others at least twice a week.

What should I do if my mother injures a toddler's finger while cutting her nails?

Even if you do everything strictly according to the instructions, allthere is still a risk of accidental damage to the skin near the nail. What should I do if my mother pricked the baby while cutting the nails? Most importantly, do not panic. The child will calm down and forget about the incident in a few minutes. It is important to immediately process the wound to prevent infection. Use any antiseptic solution: iodine, zelenku or furatsilin. Treat the skin damage and set aside the manicure until another time.

How to properly cut nails to newborns

How to cut a newborn's nails, if it turnsand is capricious? The correct answer is no. Do not seek to trim the marigold, when the child is not set up for the procedure. Trying to cope with the baby "power", you risk injuring him and develop an unfriendly attitude to nail care.

Ingrown nail: Is home treatment possible?

Most adults believe that nails growbecause of wearing uncomfortable shoes and improper care for nail plates. These beliefs are partly true. Do not just forget that nails can grow even in very tiny babies. What if you noticed this pathology in your baby? The best solution is to show the child to the pediatrician as soon as possible. Do not try to treat or cut off such a nail yourself. The risk of inflicting pain on a child is too great, and even successfully removed the nail, most likely, it will grow again incorrectly. Only a doctor can determine the cause of abnormal growth of the nail plate and prescribe an effective treatment.

When to cut the nails of a newborn for the first time

To prevent deformation and ingrowthmarigolds enough to put on your baby only things made from natural fabrics and avoid squeezing the feet. Try to remember how to cut the nails to the newborn correctly, and observe these rules.

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