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Feeding table - the main assistant for the mother

The kid learned to sit and began to exercise greatinterest in "adult" food? Hence, it was time to buy a table for feeding. But many different models, as well as manufacturing companies, can lead young parents into bewilderment - what kind of table to choose for your child and what to look for when buying? Let's try to understand.

Many parents, choosing a children's table forfeeding, stake on its appearance, others are concerned about the price, and for the third priority is the safety of the child. Nevertheless, there are several important points, which in any case need to pay attention when buying this item:

feeding table

- stability and reliable support. If the feeding table has wheels, there must be at least 4 of them, and they must be provided with fixatives to give the table a static position;

- the presence of seat belts. For your own peace of mind, you can buy a table with a five-point belt fastening system, since such a design can "keep" even the restless baby;

- Absence of sharp corners. All edges of the table should be rounded to exclude the possibility of a child getting injured;

- adjustment of the step and back of the chair. This will enable the baby to take the most comfortable position while eating;

- a wide table top with side walls. This will help to avoid that most of the food will be on the floor, since small children in most cases do not know how to eat neatly;

baby feeding table

- removable seat cover. This feature allows you to easily keep the feeding table clean. If the cover from the chair is not removed, then it should be made of a material that is easy to clean, for example, from oilcloth or rubberized fabric.

Among other things, feeding tables canbe equipped with an additional gaming panel, which can be an excellent help when feeding a baby. Various rattles, musical buttons, funny pictures will entertain the child and in those moments when he simply does the game. And some models of high chairs for feeding have the ability to transform into a swing, which can save a lot of budget.

Among the materials used in the manufacturethis item of furniture for the baby, the most common are wood, plastic and metal. Wooden chair for feeding is the most environmentally friendly option.

wooden high chair
You do not have to worry if the child wants tostitch teeth on it or try out food, previously "smeared" on the table top. Plastic tables for feeding, as a rule, have a very beautiful appearance, and the baby will be interested to sit behind him. In addition, they are light enough. Metal structures, perhaps, are the most solid and stable. And such models can serve more than one generation of children.

Buying a children's table for feeding, an importantvalue should be given not only aesthetic appearance, the presence of additional accessories and quality characteristics, but also to the extent that your child is comfortable in it. And then the purchase can be really useful and will be an excellent assistant in such an important matter as feeding a baby.

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