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How to congratulate a friend on his birthday is original and unforgettable?

A friend is the person who does not needjust congratulate happy birthday banal words and another standard gift. We need to think things over so that it is unusual, creative, that is, to approach the preparation for the event with all responsibility. If you are reading this article, then, most likely, the holiday is already close, and you still have not decided how to congratulate your friend on his birthday. Let's look at a few ideas.

How to congratulate a friend on her birthday

How to congratulate a friend on her birthday originally?

Such ideas can come up with a lot, most importantly -throw aside stereotypes and include imagination. For example, to begin with, be the first person who will say pleasant words to her on this day. To do this, just call immediately after midnight and please the birthday girl. However, that's not all. Next, you can place a special street stretch with a beautiful congratulation right in front of the windows of her house from the very beginning. It can be not necessarily words, but the original image. Such a present will cost you inexpensively, and the girl's joy will not be limited.

congratulate your girlfriend on her birthday

How to congratulate a friend on her birthday: gift ideas

This is one of the important components of a holisticcongratulations. Well, if you know what your girlfriend dreams about and is able to provide it to her. And if not? Connect fantasy again. For example, wherever a party is planned, order a huge number of balloons for the birthday girl or a composition of them, organize an unforgettable fireworks display. This is a non-standard gift. You stand out from the crowd, and the girlfriend will be very happy. If you purchased perfume, cosmetics, a book as a presentation, then it is not worth handing it trite. You can come up with poems or a comic song and beat everything fun and unforgettable.

Happy birthday, friend! »Short

How to congratulate a friend on her birthday: extraordinary situations

To such it is possible to relate the case, if yourfor some reason the girlfriend does not want or can not celebrate her birthday. If she is constrained in the means or upset after a quarrel with a loved one, then this is not at all an excuse for you to drop your hands and present the case to the occasion. At a minimum, you can buy different sweets, exotic fruits and spend the evening together. If this option is not suitable, and you think how to congratulate a girlfriend on her birthday in a more original way, then organize a so-called unexpected party with the "accidental" arrival of friends. Let them all come together and call at the door. Then it is necessary to shout loudly: "Happy birthday, friend!" Short congratulations in the form of poems from each of them will be appropriate and will cheer the birthday girl. Laughter, dancing, a wonderful party are provided.

You can still consider several ideas for celebratingbirthday girlfriend, who will require sufficient material costs. For example, an unforgettable gift will be a voucher to the country in which the birthday girl dreamed for a long time. You can also organize a jump with a parachute, collect friends for playing paintball, order a restaurant with the best treats, etc.

The main thing is to congratulate your friend so that sheI liked it to be a surprise, a surprise. And you, as one of her closest people, should analyze all this information long before the event and make the right choice!

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