/ Why are outdoor games in kindergarten so important?

Why are outdoor games in kindergarten so important?

How funny it is to watch from the side for howchildren of animals play; as their mothers are taught to sit in ambush, jump, run and hunt. Besides the fact that it is very exciting and interesting, we understand that in these games the kids first of all get skills that help them to develop and will be useful in the future.

Children by nature are very inquisitive, and therefore theirit is very easy to organize in some kind of game. Kids, as a rule, are very open and love movement, and that mobile games in kindergarten were most useful, in addition to physical activity they should assume good mental and mental activity.

Moving games in kindergarten
This is necessary for a full and comprehensivedevelopment of the baby. If the outdoor games in the kindergarten are properly organized, it will help the children not only acquire certain skills, but also learn about the world around them. Playing these games, children copy each other and imitate adults, which helps them to learn different behaviors and consolidate the skills acquired by the kids through the game.

As a rule, outdoor games in kindergarten,conditionally of course, divided into three categories: folk, games-fun and sports. The latter are particularly mobile, and therefore more often they are conducted in the form of sports classes, olympiads or sports days. With their help, the love of sport and physical activity is well developed, health and nervous system are strengthened. But since these games are very mobile and are very active, it is important to carefully monitor the physical activity during the entire process of passing fun. They are suitable mainly for children of senior preschool age.

folk games in kindergarten
With grandmother's tales from generation to generationround dance and folk games are broadcast. In the kindergarten, they are particularly relevant and enjoy great success and the children from the younger groups, but from the older pupils. They are especially fond of children, because they have simple rules that everyone understands, regardless of age. Therefore, small fidgets with special pleasure will play in spots, laces or hide-and-seek, especially if adults participate in this game with them.

Round-playing games in kindergarten most oftenare held in the youngest groups, as they are not so mobile as sports or folk, but they can also contain dance elements, some rhythmic movements and even a poetic text. Due to this, young children learn to coordinate their actions with words or music and at the same time develop their physical and mental skills.

Round-playing in the kindergarten

Unfortunately, modern children are very fewmove. This is partly due to the fact that many of them are brought up at home, and partly because from an early age most of the time they sit at the computer or in front of the TV screen. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to ensuring that the child moves as much as possible, and in this case mobile games will be an indispensable assistant. In the kindergarten, the educator should follow this. The main thing in this business is a little love, desire and imagination. And then it will surely bring forth the fruits!

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