/ How to replace the filter drier in the air conditioning system?

How to replace the filter drier in the air conditioning system?

Filter drier - structural elementrefrigeration units, which is used to remove moisture from the refrigerant. The device is installed between the capillary tube and the condenser, protecting these parts from solid blockages.

What is a filter drier?

filter drier
The functional element has the form of a sealedmetal cartridge. The internal space of the device is filled with adsorbent. Most often, the latter is a synthetic zeolite - a granular material that absorbs moisture well.

From the condenser side of the air conditionerThe filter drier contains a grid with large cells. It serves to protect the system from the ingress of zeolite granules. There is also a mesh on the side of the capillary tube. Its small holes hold small particles that accumulate in the liquid refrigerant as it passes through the split system.

Principle of operation

replacing filter dryer
The filter drier functions similarlyway, regardless of the air conditioning system in which it is installed. When the air conditioner starts, an electromagnetic clutch is activated which compresses the gaseous freon. The compressor drives the refrigerant to the condenser, where it is cooled. Further freon falls directly into the filter drier. Here, the moisture is eliminated from the coolant, it is cleaned of small debris, after which the substance moves along the system.

Replacement of the filter-drier

Replacement of the functional element may be required in the development of its life, or in the event of depressurization of the air conditioning system. The following tools allow you to cope with the task:

  • Vacuum pump;
  • burner;
  • pipe cutter;
  • cylinder to replenish the system with freon.

The work is carried out in several stages. To start with the help of a burner and a pipe cutter, the old filter drier is dismantled and must be replaced. The surfaces are then carefully cleaned to attach the new device. Finally, the drying element is soldered into place, the system is evacuated by means of a pump, after which the refueling system is refilled.

Quite often, the presence of garbage in the system cancause a clogging of the new filter-drier and the capillary tube of the air conditioner. Therefore, after performing the work on replacing the element, it is necessary to maintain the main components of the freon loop.

Helpful Tips

Danfoss dryer
The reliability of the filter-drier in many ways determinesused adsorbent. Some fillers absorb moisture better, others do not do it efficiently. For this reason, replacements should be selected from trusted manufacturers, for example the Danfoss filter drier. Because the difference in the absorption of moisture in different filters can be up to 20-30 g of liquid, which is a critical indicator for any air conditioner.

Filters-dehumidifiers have a limited resourcework. Therefore, the masters introduced such a requirement as their mandatory replacement. To determine how long the filter drier is capable of operating, it is sufficient to carefully study the technical documentation when selecting it.

Most manufacturers of air conditionersit is recommended to perform the replacement of the dehumidifier each time when the system is serviced, even if there are no failures in the operation of the element. The cost of the filter is negligible. Therefore, it is worthwhile to listen to such advice, which will avoid more embarrassing waste in the future.


As can be seen, if there is a specializedtools and equipment, the replacement of the filter-drier is not a very difficult task. At the same time, trust the work better to the master who already dealt with this kind of tasks. Independent dismantling of the filter-drier can lead to damage to the compressor, other determining nodes of the system.

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